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Thien Son Suoi Nga - The ideal place to escape the heat this summer
If you are too tired of the harsh summer sun, why not hurry to Thien Son Suoi Nga and reward yourself with wonderful relaxing moments in the fresh air?
Thien Son Suoi Nga address Thien Son Suoi Nga is an entertainment venue ideally built in harmony with nature. This destination is only about 50km from Hanoi, the road is commented by many people as quite easy to go, you can travel by both motorbike and car. This route is relatively simple to follow, thus the travel time is also fast, about 1 hour 15 minutes by motorbike and 1 hour by car (depending on your travel speed).
You can move in the direction of Hanoi to Ba Vi (Thang Long Boulevard), then ask people to get to this place. Or more simply, you only need to type Media Thien Son Suoi Nga, Ba Vi, Hanoi. This place is already located on the map, just get in the car and go there.
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Hot spot to escape the heat with lots of fun activities You can experience a lot of interesting activities at Thien Son Suoi Nga, such as bathing in a natural cool spring, celebrating BBQ, camping overnight, riding a duck boat, kayaking, cycling water bike, chilling out, sightseeing and checking in with many beautiful places.
The ticket price to this cool getaway is VND 150k/person, with almost no additional costs. If you want to relax, you can book a detailed combo, then just take yourself here to avoid the heat. This place is quite large with many areas, you can spend the whole day and even camp overnight to put aside the hustle and bustle and give yourself the most relaxing moments.
You can bring food, such as barbecue and hot pot, and there will be a kitchen and utensils for you to display and use. In addition, if you camp overnight, you can rent and camp tents for about VND 200k. Tickets for some other fun experience services: - Water bike: VND 150k - Kayaking: VND 200k - Duck boat: VND 250k.
From only 150k-350k/person on average, you can have fun, check in freely and collect a virtual living album. If you need to heal your soul, avoid a deadline or simply want to find a place to escape the heat of summer, let's go to Thien Son Suoi Nga! ------------ Photo source: Tran Ly #$gnal$#


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