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Switzerland Travel Tips for First Timers
Switzerland is a Western of European country that features the mighty Alps, deep blue lakes, old towns, and rich cuisine. This is considered as an ideal attraction for travelholics who fall in love with nature, discovery, and experiences.

The best time to travel to Switzerland
Switzerland has a temperate climate, with four distinct seasons. Each of them holds a unique beauty.
Spring (March-May): The weather is warm, and flowers are in brilliant bloom. It’s the time to visit the ancient towns and enjoy relaxation at lakes.
Summer (June-August): Outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, and cycling are recommended thanks to beautiful sunny weather.
Autumn (September-November): A perfect moment for landscape contemplation. Cool temperature, and mountains are covered with yellow and red leaves.
Winter (December-January): Cold weather, suitable for skiing and other winter activities.

Popular attractions in Switzerland Interlaken: A small town between two lakes - Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, a stunning startpoint for experiences like climbing, hiking, and cycling. Jungfraujoch: The highest mount in Switzerland where travelers can admire the panoramic view of the mighty Alps. Matterhorn: Switzerland’s iconic mountain, and also is one of the tallest mountains of the Alps. Luzern: Located near the Lucerne lake, Luzern is an old city that features the Chapel bridge, Chapel wooden bridge and Lucerne clock tower. Geneva: Switzerland’s capital, a modern city with many skyscrapers, parks, and museums.
Transportations Switzerland has a high class public transport system, including trains, buses, and boats. They are considered convenient and cost-saving means of transportation. Travelers can also rent a car to discover Switzerland by themselves. Some important notes for a Switzerland trip Currency: The Swiss franc is the currency of Switzerland. Travelers should exchange currency before traveling. Visa: Vietnamese travelers are required to have a visa to enter Switzerland. Language: German, French, Italian, and Romansh are the major languages in Switzerland. It'd be better for travelers to know some basic communication in English. Weather: The weather is changeable. Travelers should prepare coats and stuff for keeping warm. Expense: It costs quite much for a trip to Switzerland. Travelers should prepare a suitable budget.
A 7-day travel itinerary Day 1: Head to Zurich, visit Grossmünster church, Fraumünster church, and Paradeplatz Square. Day 2: Move to Lucerne, admire Chapel bridge, Chapel wooden bridge, Lucerne clock tower. Day 3: Interlaken, see Grindelwald village, Lauterbrunnen village. Day 4: Climbing, hiking in Interlaken. Day 5: Go to Zermatt, visit Matterhorn mount. Day 6: Skiing in Zermatt. Day 7: Back to Vietnam. Above are some travel tips for first timers. Hope they bring you a great and memorable trip.


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