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Singapore Changi Airport's Terminal 2 Gets a Makeover
After more than 3 years of closure for renovations, Changi Airport Terminal 2 (T2) in Singapore has reopened its doors to serve travelers. The expanded T2 now covers an additional 21,000 square meters, allowing the airport to accommodate an extra 5 million passengers annually, raising the overall processing capacity to 90 million passengers per year. The space combines a harmonious blend of nature and modernity, incorporating various retail and dining services along with new technology.
Changi Airport Terminal 2, Singapore Notably, T2 is the first terminal at Changi Airport equipped with automated assistance lanes for people with disabilities and young children in both departure and arrival areas, aiming to extend aviation services to a broader audience.
Especially, the newly equipped T2 is now adorned with many amenities to captivate travelers. Among them, the standout feature is the 14-meter high, 17-meter wide digital waterfall known as "The Wonderfall." Every half hour, a 4-minute musical program, featuring performances by Canadian pianist Jean-Michel Blais, is showcased. The transit area also includes a robot-operated bar serving travelers. Additionally, visitors can experience whiskey tasting in the lounge area.
New Dreamscape Garden.
A 14-meter-high digital waterfall display.

In the transit area, there is Dreamscape, featuring over 20,000 flowers from 100 different species, including many not found in Singapore. The garden also boasts a fish pond that passengers can walk above, accompanied by recordings of over 100 species of birds, insects, and other creatures.
The passenger lounge offers various types of whisky under LED lights.
Automated vending robots at a Lotte duty-free store. A highlight is that Changi Airport Terminal 2 has a fully automated early baggage check-in system. According to the Changi Airport Group (CAG) operator, this system can automatically process up to 2,400 checked bags early before they are loaded onto departing flights.
The garden features a pond that passengers can stroll over. ✍ Source: iVIVU ✍Translated by Ali


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