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Pak link to cross-border drones exposed by Punjab Police; ISI agent sent explosives to India
Major blow to Pakistan-backed smuggling network in the border state of Punjab. Punjab police busted a smuggling racket operated from across the border by Inter Services Intelligence. Punjab police revealed that Pakistani smugglers use Chinese-made drones to deliver arms and drugs in the state. According to Punjab police, the racket was run by Pakistani national Asif Dongar, who previously worked for the ISI. Watch this video to know more #punjab #pakistan #smuggling #isi #drone #chinamadedrones #arms #ammunition #drugs #asifdonger #interservicesintelligence #module #bust Cre: Hindustan Times


  • Ali Chahan
    Ali Chahan
    That's why shame on Pakistan, they always do such things . We wish that they had focused on themselves and their people instead of...

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    • Haha

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    • 2 years ago
    • Mandol Dabeet
      Mandol Dabeet
      In the last few months, the new look of the Punjab Police has been seen. Well done Punjab Police 🇮🇳👏
      • Haha

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      • 2 years ago
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