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Nha Bo Slope - A beautiful romantic slope straight out of a movie
As one of the famous slopes in Da Lat, Nha Bo Slope attracts visitors with its vintage-inspired youth. If you want to take stunning photos, don't miss this slope. Originally, this slope was called "Nha Bo" slope because at the end of it there was an old cow stable built in the French period. That is why the locals gave it that name. In 1953, this road was renamed Dao Duy Tu. However, because of its popularity and habit, people and tourists still call it by its old name, which is very dear.
@quynhgaaa 🍀 Where is Nha Bo Slope? As a famous place in Da Lat, the road to Nha Bo Slope is easily accessible. You just need to start from Da Lat market, move in the direction of Nguyen Van Cu Street, then turn to Ba Trieu Street until reaching the roundabout. Next, you continue to go straight to Tran Phu Street and run through it, you will see Dao Duy Tu Street. At the end of Dao Duy Street is Doc Nha Bo, located on the left-hand side.
@mvcthinh 🍀 Check in the legendary Nha Bo Slope Because this is people's daily commute, Nha Bo Slope is a free tourist destination. However, this area has a high volume of traffic, you must pay attention and carefully observe when visiting and checking in on the slope.
Photo: Pham Yen Phuong Nha Bo Slope has an idyllic beauty that is peaceful but also romantic. On one side of the slope are lush green bushes or bright flowers lying right next to the fence. The slope also has small houses around it, creating a very romantic scene of Da Lat. The slope also has walking steps, so visitors can take pictures with vintage and retro concepts with brilliant youth vibes.
@I'm green For those who love thrills, they should definitely try riding a motorbike over Nha Bo Slope once. When going uphill, you absolutely must not press the brake continuously; step on the accelerator moderately so as not to fall downhill, leading to a dangerous fall. Nha Bo Slope has appeared in many famous movies. In particular, it must be mentioned the memorable movie once called "Go-Go Sisters".
@illivanh If you have the opportunity to go to Da Lat, please visit this legendary slope once. - Compilation


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