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Immediately save Cao Bang travel experience 2023
Cao Bang is favored by nature with poetic and lyrical beauty with majestic cliffs along with many romantic lakes and waterfalls. Cao Bang tourist destinations promise to "catch the heart" of tourists from afar, especially young people who love traveling. Let's explore some famous places here with Hahalolo! 1. Reasonable time to travel to Cao Bang Cao Bang's climate is divided into 2 distinct seasons. The rainy season usually lasts from April to September, and the dry season will fall from October to March next year. Whether it's the rainy season or the dry season, Cao Bang also has its own beauty.
📸 The opportune time to travel to Cao Bang is August and September (Photo: Internet)
But perhaps, the most ideal time for you to see the full beauty of Cao Bang is in the period from August to September every year. The weather at that time is more pleasant, extremely cool, with little rain, and very convenient for traveling, sightseeing as well as checking in.
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There is a note to keep in mind, if you travel by motorbike in the early morning or evening, remember to wear warm clothes and bring a raincoat because the weather at this time will be chilly, the temperature is only about 15-16 degrees.
2. 5 tourist attractions in Cao Bang
2.1. Ban Gioc Waterfall
This is a famous coordinate that anyone who has the opportunity to travel to Cao Bang should visit. Ban Gioc Waterfall is located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province. It consists of two main parts: one is located in the Vietnam-China border area, and the other is entirely within the territory of Vietnam. With a unique location and fresh climate, Ban Gioc has become the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam.
📸Check in at Ban Gioc Waterfall (Photo: Internet) The ideal time for you to visit Cao Bang, as well as Ban Gioc, is from August to September because this is the time when the waterfall "reveals" its magnificent beauty and runs at full capacity: the water will flow to the waterfall, billowing through different, large and small slabs of stone. Along with that are the vast mountains and forests, and the blue sky, all blending together to create an incredibly "attractive" natural picture. You can visit the fall at any time of the day; however, but to avoid crowds, Hahalolo recommends going early in the morning. The ticket price to the waterfall will be VND 45,000 per person. 2.2. Pac Bo - Lenin Stream relic site Pac Bo is a national revolutionary relic site located in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province. Having a chance to visit this place, you have the opportunity not only to learn about life and important periods in the activities of Uncle Ho and Vietnamese networks but also to admire the wonderful natural picture.
📸The road leading to the Pac Bo relic site (Photo: Internet) In addition, when coming to the Pac Bo relic site, you also have the opportunity to visit two more famous tourist sites: Karl Marx Mountain and Lenin Stream. To reach these 2 places from the relic area, you just need to walk through Pac Bo village. If Karl Marx Mountain has a majestic and large character with cliffs and luxuriant ancient forests, Lenin Stream will bring you back to a softer "state" of cool blue watercolor, beautiful scenery, and gently swimming fish.
📸The relic is surrounded by primeval forests (Photo: Internet) Ticket price to visit the relic will be VND 20,000 for adults, VND 15,000 for children over 12 years old and free tickets for children under 10 years old. 2.3. Nguom Ngao Cave In the Tay language, Nguom Ngao means "tiger cave", local people believe that in the past, this place was inhabited by many fierce tigers. The cave is located close to Khuoi Ky village, with a length of more than 2,114m, including 3 main gates and many unexplored branches.
📸 Nguom Ngao Cave (Photo: Internet) When entering the cave, you will feel like entering another world, like a fairy world. The natural scenery inside the cave is extremely magnificent by the stalactites with many unique shapes as well as different eye-catching colors, you are free to be creative and imaginative. Moreover, there are stone lutes in Nguom Ngao cave. When tapped, they will emit a melodious sound like the T'rung lute, which makes many tourists excited. 2.4. Thang Hen Lake Thang Hen Lake is one of the famous beautiful places in Cao Bang located in Quoc Toan commune, Quang Hoa district. Thang Hen owns a unique shuttle shape, with a length of up to 3000m, and a width of about 1000m. It is located in a population of 36 natural lakes at an altitude of nearly 1700m. Thang Hen Lake is the lake with the largest area and also one of the places that attract the most travel enthusiasts.
📸 Camping by Thang Hen Lake (Photo: Internet) Thang Hen Lake is famous for its peaceful scenery of jade-green water reflecting the clouds and sky and countless beautiful check-in corners such as a large lake, lonely cliff, wild sunflower garden, and many other corners. In addition, coming to Thang Hen Lake, you can also sit on boats floating on the lake to see everything around you. If you have the opportunity to visit Thang Hen in the ripe rice season, you will admire the beautiful strip of golden ripe rice. The ticket price to visit the lake will be VND 30,000/person. 2.5. Ma Phuc Pass Coming to Cao Bang, you must definitely try the experience of traveling on the most beautiful pass in Cao Bang - Ma Phuc Pass. This pass has a total length of more than 3.5 km and has up to 7 steep floors with winding bends. Along with that are the towering cliffs on both sides of the pass, all of which make backpackers more excited and stimulate their passion for conquest.
📸 Ma Phuc Pass (Photo: Internet) To conquer this pass, you need to ensure enough health, a "hard" steering wheel, and a strong companion with a hard enough steering wheel to be able to take turns. In addition to majestic mountains, or dangerous challenges, Ma Phuc Pass also "treats" you with traditional markets and many local dishes. 3. A few notes when traveling to Cao Bang ✅Bring some items such as a raincoat, hat, map, power bank, insect spray, and more. ✅Bring full identification documents ✅You must make sure you have a hard steering wheel and are fully equipped with protective gear. Don't forget to check the motorbike thoroughly because the roads in Cao Bang are mainly pass roads. ✅Learn about the customs of the locals there so as not to accidentally commit unworthy taboos. 💚Hopefully, the above sharing will help you have more information about Cao Bang and have a fun and meaningful trip! Cre: Thu Nee #$gnal$#


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