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Exploring Hanoi's Ancient 300-Year-Old Temple ❤
Hanoi's Heart Holds a 300-Year-Old Temple ❤️ 📍Just 18km away from Hanoi, there's a centuries-old architectural marvel in the ancient land of Doai.
Renowned for the poetic verse “Đẹp đình So, to đình Cấn”, temporary translated as "Beautiful is So Temple, grand is Can Temple", that's none other than So Temple in Cong Hoa Commune, Quoc Oai District, Hanoi. Some of you might recognize it as the significant temple featured in Victor Vu's film 'Nguoi Vo Cuoi Cung' (The Last Wife). If you appreciate the beauty of landscapes captured on film, I invite you to explore this fascinating village!
🍃The place is rich in unique details. Speaking of architecture, there's a distinctive triple gate, and when it comes to iconic sculptures, you'll find stone dragon sculptures embellishing the railings. So Temple is also designated as a Special National Site by the State.
🌿When you visit, please seek permission and contact the security guard to enter. Besides sightseeing, you can also capture the elegance of traditional ao dai or Vietnamese costumes in your photos.
🌸If you're someone who loves and wants to explore the beauty of ancient traditions, this is the place for you!
------------ Thanks for sharing, Phuong Tali. Wishing you fantastic journeys and experiences. ✍ Translated by Dan


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