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Early Morning in KonPring Village
If Mang Den is likened to a healing medicine, then surely the small villages are the essence of that healing potion.
This morning, I woke up early and rode my bike down to the area near the Virgin Mary statue, and by chance, I stumbled upon the enchanting scene of the morning mist here.
Witnessing the mist descend, the sunrays weaving through the trees, and the smoke rising from the small kitchens of the locals' homes, one can't help but feel the serene ambiance as both the scenery and people here are preparing for a long day of everyday tasks, perhaps this is the peace that many often dream of.
Seeing this real-life cinematic scene, I'm reminded of myself and the loved ones around me when we were young, waking up to the sound of roosters crowing instead of an alarm clock, the first thing being to find our parents instead of our phones. Maybe as life progresses, we only have those feelings when we were children.
Speaking of which, if you're heading to Mang Den, try to wake up early and take your bike down to the villages to enjoy this atmosphere because you won't find it in the city. Around 6-8 am is the best time. --- Source: Hi Mang Den - Minh Le (This post and photos are pretty beautiful, so I'd like to share them) Translated by Dan


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