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Admire the beautiful spring scenery around the world
All over the world, from Asia to Europe, spring makes landscapes more brilliant and bright than ever. ✔Japan
Japan is one of the countries with the most beautiful spring when the cherry blossoms come into bloom, dyeing the whole country pink. The splendid Osaka castle amidst the cherry blossom forest is a symbol of spring in Japan.
The annual April showers in Tokyo quench the trees and flowers' thirst, helping the flower buds bloom. Tokyo's Meguro River sparkles with flowers and lanterns.
Surely you can never get bored of spring in Japan. Honshu Island, famous for its mountains, hot springs and temples, is now even more splendid and magnificent, with rows of blooming cherry trees.
Shrouded in the same cloak of pink, Itsukushima Shrine is tranquil in spring. ✔China
Luoping Valley, in China's Yunnan, is stunningly beautiful with fields of bright yellow rapeseed in full bloom every spring. ✔ UK
For the UK, daffodils are the symbol of spring. Graceful yellow and white daffodil petals adorn every park in the country.
Many parts of the UK take on a new beauty when spring rolls around. The Neptune Fountain in Holker Hall, Lake District is surrounded by green trees and blossoming shrubbery.
A brown rabbit hides among the morning dew-covered grass in Richmond Park in London. In many places, rabbits are an animal reminiscent of spring. ✔ France
The city of Paris is renewed with loveliness and grace. And of course, spring in Paris is so famous that it has inspired countless songs and movies over the years ✔ Germany
The 200-mile Romantische Strasse is a stunning scenic route from Germany's Wurzburg to Fussen, through medieval towns such as Rothenburg. Many tourists like to come here in the middle of spring because of the beautiful scenery of the road - beautiful small blooming flower gardens on both sides - and it is not yet crowded with the footsteps of summer tourists. ✔ Italy
Tuscany emerges after a long winter with the enchanting green hills of Val d'Orcia. Everyone who comes here is captivated by the lush beauty of the farmland scene before Italy enters a hot summer. ✔Austria
In Austria's Kitzbuehel mountain range, alpine roses bloom brightly among the soft green grass at the summit of Feldalpenhorn. ✔New Zealand
Under a rich blue sky, rows of tulips salute the sun in fields near Tapanui, in West Otago, New Zealand's South Island ✔ Canada
The moment couldn't be more beautiful - a dappled deer with bewildered eyes standing in the middle of the woods in Ottawa, Canada. ✔Mexico
Mexico's Michoacan state is famed for its colorful flower fields. Many species of which only grow here. Cre: Daily Mail


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Early Morning in KonPring Village
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