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A journey to seek for ripe rice season in NAM CANG - SA PA
If you haven't been there, you might not know NAM CANG - SA PA. Once you come here, you'll know how enchanting it is! Let's plan your trip to NAM CANG - SA PA through Huyen Khanh Nguyen's review now! NAM CANG - SA PA - where to stay?
We spent a night at Viettrekking. The room is luxurious, with a view of Hoang Lien mountain range and Muong Hoa train passing by. The cost is VND 1 million/person. About transportation: I took a Kadbus double cabin for 550k/double cabin. It only costs 275k per person. Advantages: The bus is new, clean, and cheaper than other companies. Passengers traveling on night trips will be able to sleep on the bus until 6:00 a.m. Disadvantage: There are quite a few pick-up and drop-off locations in Hanoi, so you have to go a bit far.
NAM CANG - SA PA - Schedule
Day 1: Nam Cang - Ta Van
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I took a bus from Hanoi at 10:00 p.m. Around 3:00 a.m., we arrived in Sa Pa. I slept in the car until 6 o'clock and then moved to Nga Canh Kebab Rice Noodles for breakfast.
In my opinion, Nga Canh Kebab Rice Noodles is the best breakfast restaurant in Sa Pa, where only locals dine. When I requested the taxi driver to take me there, he questioned how many times we'd been to Sa Pa and how well we knew it. The restaurant opened at 6:00 a.m., but people were queuing up at 5:30 a.m. A bowl of noodles with full toppings is VND 50,000.
After breakfast, we went back to Viettrekking to send our suitcases and depart for Nam Cang.
Nam Cang is about 36km from the center. We rode the motorbike for about more than an hour. The road is quite easy to access; only a few small sections are a bit bad. Girls can also drive here. The rice field in Nam Cang is ripe. I think it will take more than a week to reap them all. Everyone should take advantage of this time. Then we went back to Sailing in Ta Van to have lunch and check in with Da Co Beach (located on the way back, so it's very convenient). I found the food and drinks in Sailing not to my taste and quite expensive. In Ta Van, the rice is still green and will probably take more than a month to ripen. If you miss rice in Nam Cang, going to Ta Van is also very beautiful. In the evening, we went back to the center to have dinner and then went back to the hotel to check in and rest. Day 2: Sapa - Hanoi On day 2, I only stayed at the hotel because I was so tired from hunting rice yesterday. I didn't have the energy to go anywhere else :)))) In the morning, we ate buffet at the hotel and then went back to the room to take a few photos.
We had lunch at the restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Viettrekking building. I also didn't expect to pay so little for a meal at such a high-end restaurant.Only 258k/2 people for a "Meal on the Cloud" estimated to cost somewhat more than 100k per person. We ordered a combo that included both home-cooked rice dishes and Northwest dishes. The homemade rice dishes taste as good as mom's cooking. As for Northwest dishes, I'm not used to eating Northwest dishes, but I find them very easy to eat. Everyone should give it a try. Delicious, cheap, and luxurious After eating, we went down to drink coffee on the first floor. At 2:00 p.m., we got on the bus back to Hanoi.
Because the purpose of this trip was just to admire the rice field and relax, I didn't go much. See you in NAM CANG - SA PA in the cloudy season at the end of the year. ----- Cre: Huyen Khanh Nguyen


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