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7 places to admire purple jacaranda flowers in Australia
Australia is entering spring, which is also the time when purple jacaranda flowers are in full bloom. The flowers begin to bloom from late October to December. 7 places to see purple jacaranda flowers in Australia Purple jacaranda is widely grown in Sydney and other cities in the "country of kangaroos." And here are 7 places where purple jacaranda blooms in Australia in the next three months. 1. Sydney
Jacaranda trees dye Sydney purple every spring. Mid-October to mid-November is when flowers bloom the most of the year. Visitors can see vibrant purple at the Royal Botanic Nursery, The Rocks, Paddington, Lavender Bay, and the suburbs of Kirribilli. 2. Adelaide
Jacaranda season in Adelaide begins in November. Tourists can find the best attractions in the southern suburbs of Adelaide Botanic Gardens, such as Millswood, Goodwood, and Unley. Along both sides of the roads in these residential areas are covered with purple flowers, signaling Australian spring. 3. Melbourne
Tourists visiting Melbourne this year have to wait until December to see the purple jacaranda flowers. The Melbourne Botanic Garden and the University of Melbourne are the two locations with the most purple jacaranda trees that bloom in the last month of the year. 4. Perth
Jacaranda flowers begin to bloom in November and show their most brilliant color in December in Perth. Tourists can visit the city's northern suburbs, such as Inglewood and Subiaco. To the south, the Swan River flows alongside the city with the suburb of Applecross, also home to avenues lined with purple jacaranda flowers. 5. Brisbane
New Farm Park in Brisbane is dyed purple with jacaranda flowers. Brisbane is a city in the state of Queensland and is located next to the Brisbane River. The purple jacaranda flowers here bloom most brilliantly in October and last until November. During this season, most roads in the city are covered by a sea of purple. The University of Queensland, New Farm Park, the suburb of Woolloongabba, and the Brisbane Botanic Gardens are places tourists can visit to admire the flowering purple jacaranda forest. 6. Camden
Camden is a historic town in the state of New South Wales, about an hour's drive from Sydney city center. The town center has about 39 purple jacaranda trees planted since 1920. This year, Camden's jacaranda flowers bloom in November. Tourists can visit Macarthur Park in Camden to admire the purple color of this flower. 7. Grafton
Purple jacaranda flowers bloom on both sides of the roads in the neighborhood of Grafton City. Grafton City is also in the state of New South Wales, 6-hour drive from Sydney. Every year, this city holds the Jacaranda festival. This is the country's oldest flower festival, where there will be a series of exciting activities taking place around the theme of purple jacaranda flowers. This year, the festival takes place from October 28 to November 6. This is also the time when flowers bloom most brilliantly. Cre: iVIVU


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