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USA Today
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Armie Hammer speaks out for first time since allegations, says he was sexually abused at 13 ✨Armie Hammer is speaking out for the first time since he was accused of sexual abuse, revealing he was abused when he was 13. ✨The disgraced actor was first accused of psychological abuse and rape from previous romantic partners in 2021. Hammer also faced social media scrutiny after Instagram messages he allegedly sent went viral detailing sexual fantasies. ✨The accusations led to Hammer's exit from several productions including movies like "Shotgun Wedding," where he was slated to star opposite Jennifer Lopez, and series including Paramount+'s "The Offer." He was also dropped by his agency, WME. ✨Hammer said that his parents dismissed him when he told them the pastor made him feel uncomfortable by responding that the pastor was a "man of God" and that it was "nice" that the pastor wanted to give him attention. ✨Being sexually abused as a kid, Hammer said, made his "sexual interest" be "about being in control, because being out of control was very dangerous for me and very uncomfortable." ✨Courtney Vucekovich, who told Page Six in 2021 she dated Hammer for a few months in 2020, said dating the actor began with "charming" and "grooming" behavior before exhibiting behavior that was "darker and heavier and consuming." Cre: USA TODAY


  • Nguyệt  Tròn
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    • 1 year ago
    • David Cupchak
      David Cupchak
      Folks are assaulted as kids but don’t assault others when they become adults. He definitely has a problem.
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      • 1 year ago
      • Jessica Smith
        Jessica Smith
        Why does he have to inflict pain on others. Making excuses about being abused in
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        • 1 year ago
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