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"The Young Messiah" is a 2016 film directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh, which tells the story of Jesus Christ as a young boy. Some of the features of the movie include: 1. Biblical Narrative: The film is based on the novel "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" by Anne Rice and explores a fictionalized account of Jesus' childhood, imagining what his life might have been like as a young boy. 2. Historical Setting: "The Young Messiah" is set in ancient Israel, providing a glimpse into the culture, customs, and religious practices of the time. 3. Family Dynamics: The movie explores the relationships within Jesus' family, particularly his relationship with his parents, Mary and Joseph, and his interactions with other children. 4. Miracles and Wonder: The film depicts moments of wonder and supernatural events, as young Jesus begins to discover his divine identity and powers. 5. Faith and Identity: It delves into themes of faith, identity, and the challenges that Jesus and his family face as they come to terms with his extraordinary destiny. 6. Humanizing Jesus: "The Young Messiah" aims to humanize Jesus by showing his vulnerability, curiosity, and the challenges he faced growing up in a world that was unaware of his divine mission. 7. Exploration of Jewish Tradition: The movie offers insights into Jewish customs, traditions, and religious beliefs of the time, as Jesus and his family navigate their faith within this context. Please note that this information is based on my knowledge as of September 2021, and I do not have access to real-time data or updates about the film.

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