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Visit The Fox Village In Japan
Zao Kitsune Village is home to clever and playful foxes with shiny golden fur. Also known as Zao Fox Village, it's a highlight in exploring Japan. Zao Village is located in a small village near Shiroishi city, Miyagi province. This Japanese tourist destination is situated on a peaceful mountain, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Established in 1990, the village has become a popular tourist attraction in Miyagi province.
Initially, it was a conservation area dedicated to foxes. Over time, the village has evolved into a beloved tourist spot, nurturing hundreds of incredibly cute foxes. Inside the Zao Kitsune Fox Village, there are different areas. In the first section upon entering through the main gate, the foxes are raised like pets in cages. Beyond this area, other foxes roam freely, playing and frolicking in a wild natural setting.
In these two areas, besides enjoying the adorable foxes, visitors also have the opportunity to interact with them and feed them. Pre-packaged food is available for purchase in the viewing area, starting at just 100 yen. For a more intimate experience, tourists can also opt for a photo session with the foxes.
While strict rules are enforced in the first two areas for safety reasons, making it difficult for visitors to get close or take photos with the foxes, the photo session with selectively bred foxes allows visitors to comfortably embrace, photograph, and get closer to them.
If someone confuses Zao Fox Village with a typical zoo, they are completely mistaken! Unlike regular zoos, Zao Village boasts a large area, resembling a miniature natural forest where the foxes can frolic. When visiting Japan, you not only get the chance to play with the adorable foxes but also to admire the serene and beautiful Zao Fox Village.
Within the Zao Kitsune Fox Village, there is even a fox shrine. This area exudes an unusual air of solemnity and tranquility, surrounded by lush greenery and adorned with numerous unique Inari fox statues, reflecting Japanese culture. It's an ideal place for nature lovers to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the scenery at Zao Kitsune.
The Fox Village opens its doors to visitors from 9 am to 4 pm, with an entrance fee of 700 yen per person. Cre: Tan An Translated by Ali


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