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Visit Phu Yen to enjoy a peaceful place in the immensity of earth and sky
Considered the land of yellow flowers on green grass, the sunny and windy land of Phu Yen is one of the most favorite destinations for young people in recent times. Let's find out some outstanding places to make your trip more enjoyable. 🌵 Nghinh Phong Tower Nghinh Phong Tower stands firmly in front of the sea breeze, located in the center of Tuy Hoa City. The tower is inspired by the local iconic Ghenh Da Dia and the legend of "hundred eggs and hundred children". At night, this place becomes incredibly beautiful and fancy with lights.
Photo: Anh Duy
Photo: Tran Thu Hien

🌵 Bai Xep
Located in the north of Tuy Hoa city, Bai Xep is bestowed by nature with wild beauty with two black stone beaches covering both ends of the beach, green lawns with clusters of rabbit ears cactus growing wild. If you want to fully admire the beauty of yellow flowers and green grass, you should visit around August and September.
Photo: Hien Mai
Photo: Nguyen Thanh Loan 🌵 Mui Dien Mui Dien is dubbed the first sunrise spot in Vietnam. To reach here, visitors have to go through 110 steps. You should try once to climb the lighthouse and admire the beauty of the jade-green Bai Mon beach from there.
Photo: Ho Thien Nga
Photo: Huyen Khanh Nguyen 🌵 Ghenh Da Dia About 35km from the center of Phu Yen to the North, Ghenh Da Dia stands out with strangely shaped rock formations that were formed hundreds of millions of years ago. The seawater here is also very clear. Going to Ghenh Da Dia on sunny days, you will take a lifetime's worth of photos.
Photo: Ho Thien Nga
Photo: Ho Thien Nga 🌵 Ganh Den Lighthouse Prominent on the rustic cliff is the image of Ganh Den Lighthouse with two colors of white and red standing in the sky. This lighthouse is located close to Ghenh Da Dia, so it is very convenient for moving.
Phôt: Chu Duc Giang
Photo: Thu Thao When you're still young, you must definitely visit Phu Yen once to enjoy the majestic nature, blue sea water, and meet friendly people. Wish you happy trips and many enjoyable experiences. - Compiled by Kha Ngan


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