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Turbid red waves like blood in the world's most uncanny sea
Hormuz Rainbow Island (Iran) attracts tourists and scientists by the phenomenon of sea waves turn red every time hit the shore. The coast in Hormuz Island (Iran) is a typical case as the sand here is red "mixed" with black and the seawater is red as blood. This unique feature has made it a destination for attracting tourists and scientists to Hormuz Island, Iran.

Photo: Thewanderlustic
Hormuz is one of the famous lands in Iran by the spectacular landscapes The sand is very red, some are black like the galaxy. When the waves begin to blend with the sand, they are also turned red, while the sea waters away from the coast are still blue as usual.

Photo: Parisa.pmhd. Wandering on the island, you will be admired brilliant nature with various colors such as red, yellow, orange, green, white, brown, grey, turquoise... This is also the reason why this place is also known as the rainbow island of Iran.
Photo: Peyman_parvaneh_photos. At first glance, the red sea will make many people just afraid, just curious. With the scientific world, this is one of the most unknowns to clear up thoroughly.
Photo: iran_travel110 After years of research, scientists have found the cause of red color in the sea of Hormuz, which is thanks to Gelack flowing out from a mountain rich in red oxide soil near the coast.
Photo: Ziga_fani. Coming to the most colorful and magical island in the world, you should spend some time visiting the Red Beach, which is famous for its phenomenon of waves crashing onto the shore and turning red like blood.
Photo: Cheekypassports. The coastal stretch is red as the ochre Meanwhile, the sea waters which are not far from the coast are still clear blue.
Photo: Shaqqayeqq. Explaining this interesting phenomenon, scientists explained the red color in the sea of Hormuz created by the mineral Gelack flowing out from the mountain rich in red oxide soil nearby.
Photo: Shaqqayeqq. Gelack is not only valued in the industry but also is used as a regular spice by indigenous people. A mountain on the island of Hormuz that is rich in Gelack in the soil, so it has been "faded" red to the sand and surrounding waters, creating a magnificent and majestic sight that attracts the curiosity of the world.
Gelack flows to the sea to make the lands turn red that it passes through, creating an eye-catching landscape. The red soil of Hormuz has a high economic value, used to be exported for use in industries such as dyeing, cosmetics, glass, and ceramics.
Photo: magicshiva However, the export is more restrictive to prevent the depletion of this resource.
Photo: qeshmisland When walking or biking to sightseeing on the island, you will see the surrounding soil color constantly changing. This colorful landscape is created by over 70 different minerals on the island of Hormuz.
Photo: fr_irandestination Aside from visiting the natural beauty, tourists can also enjoy various entertainment games, explore the lifestyle, cultural traditions of the locals, go shopping for clothes, souvenirs and enjoy the specialties in Hormuz Island.
Photo: Ziga_fani.
Photo: Walking along the coast, you can also catch the sparkling sands created by metal compounds.
Photo: qeshmisland The landscape becomes more enchanting at sunset or dawn. Many tourists have been camping by the beach to promptly check-in the most beautiful moments of the day here. ------- Source: Tổng hợp #$gnal$#


  • Ivan Josh
    Ivan Josh
    it does look like a big blood sea
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  • Jason Wills
    Jason Wills
    It's truly a paradise
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  • Santiago Fisher
    Santiago Fisher
    That color looks like lipsticks to me
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