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Travel to Phan Thiet to immerse yourself in the gorgeous miniature desert
Welcoming nearly 65,000 visitors in the first half of 2022, Bau Trang gradually asserted itself, becoming a must-see attraction among domestic and foreign tourists during a trip to Phan Thiet!
The beauty of nature
Photo: nepp
About 65 km from Phan Thiet to the northeast, Bau Trang features the beauty of a combination of two water bodies, namely Bau Ong and Bau Ba. This scenic spot formerly was a part of Binh Nhon village, Hoa Da district. From 1975 to now, it belongs to Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district.
Among the sand dunes in Bau Trang, the most prominent is Trinh Nu sand dune. Located to the northeast of Bau Ba, this sand dune has changed over time. Coming here, tourists often experience sand-boarding games, ostrich riding, fishing, and have experience with off-road vehicles conquering the sand dunes.
Photo: nguyenhuynhthanhmy
Bau Trang attracts those who are passionate about beauty and love nature to come here to find inspiration for artistic creation. Prominent are "Doc" (photo won a gold medal in Turkey) and “Duong doi” (photo won a silver medal in Italy) by photographer Tam My.
Photo: yu_ul.28
Sacred relic
The whole landscape of Bau Trang is surrounded by endless sandy slopes, running consecutively, interspersed with low forest trees. Furthermore, this place also contains many historical and cultural values associated with the process of exploring and creating the lives of generations of local people.
Photo: Ha Duy Anh
Photo: thaimeii
In the past, around the Bau Trang area were many villages of the Cham people. Due to religious needs, the Cham community built a temple to worship the Po Inu Nùgar as spiritual support. Over time, due to the impact of many factors, the Cham people left the village to live elsewhere.
Around the beginning of the 18th century, groups of Kinh people from the Northern and Central provinces came to this land to exploit, then took over the Po Inu Nùgar temple of the Cham people into Thien Y A Na temple. The sacred temple of Thien Y An Na (or Ba Chua Dong temple) lies on the bank of Bau Ba associated with many mysterious spiritual relics.
Later, the destruction of bombs caused Thien Y A Na temple to collapse. Now only the foundation and some mossy ancient walls remain. In 1975, the local people rebuilt the new temple about 500m west of the old one.
Photo: hwan0ju
In addition, Bau Trang is also associated with the Le Hong Phong base during the two resistance wars against the French and Americans. This place marks years of activities and arduous battles with silent sacrifices but full of pride of the army and people of Binh Thuan.
Photo: n.nhat30
Phan Thiet tourism is attractive and full of potential with the pristine white sand landscape of Bau Trang. Come here to fully feel the beauty of the central coastal province, which is sunny and dry but always rich in hospitality.

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Stephen Michael's profile picture
Stephen Michael
I have never visited Phan Thiet but I think this is an interesting land
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Stephen Maris
Good job guys...Have a great time
 · Reply · 8 months ago  
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Lani Simon
it's great being there
 · Reply · 8 months ago  
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