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The burning grass hills turn into a breathtaking photography spot in Dalat
Located near Cau Dat market in Xuan Truong, Dalat, Lam Dong, the hills have drawn a huge amount of attention from netizens. The hills turn yellow-brown and gradually dry, creating a countryside photography backdrop for travelers by luck. In addition to the sea of floating clouds at dawn, ripe persimmon gardens, brilliantly blooming flower fields, mid-October days, Dalat (Lam Dong) also has a “specialty” for travelers to enjoy looking for photography, which are burning grass hills.
Recently, the photos of the hills near Cau Dat market (Xuan Truong, Dalat, Lam Dong) have hugely attracted attention from netizens. According to Mr. Dong Ngo, a photographer cum freelance tour guide in Dalat, and also the one who took the photoshoot, this area is a weed hill, not a site for tourism exploitation.
The best time to capture the weed hills is from 7:30 to 10:00 am, when there is low-level sunlight, cool temperature or at sunset, he says. He also recommends that travelers can choose vintage or retro-style outfits for photography. For second-to-none photoshoots, this site is supposed to be a wild scene worth experiencing.
The place is not too crowded, remains private and quiet because it’s quite strange to many people. It does not cost travelers any fee for sightseeing and photographing, but they should pay attention to preserving and protecting the surrounding environment and natural landscapes.
Surrounding the hills are Cau Dat tea hill clouds hunting area, wind power fields, farms, and some beautiful coffee shops for travelers to explore more. From the burning grass hills back to the city center, travelers can stop by persimmon gardens that are starting to ripen. At this moment, the persimmons turn into orange then red color, and the leaves are also changing color, creating a captivating scene.
Travelers can also add camping complexes, dining places and many virtual living miniatures in Xuan Tho Commune, Dalat, Lam Dong to their must-see place list. At this time, there are beautiful lawns of reed grass and foxtail grass.
Photo: Dong Ngo Cre: The Vietnam Sport Newspapers


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