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Suoi Thau Ha Giang - A poetic steppe of the Northeast region
In the Northeast region of our country, there is also a steppe like in Europe called Suoi Thau Ha Giang. This place has captivated visitors with its dreamy, wild, and peaceful beauty.
Photo: Uy Jun Pyo Suoi Thau is an immense steppe located in Xin Man District, Ha Giang Province, at an elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level. This place is 5 km from Coc Pai Town and more than 100 km from Ha Giang City Center. Many travel enthusiasts compare the steppe to a miniature Switzerland of the North.
Photo: Hue Ling To get to Suoi Thau, there are 3 routes for tourists to choose from, and the distance is not too different. All roads are wide, flat, and made of concrete, so you can travel by motorbike or private car.
Photo: Pham Hang
Photo: Uy Jun Pyo
Suoi Thau grassland has an area of more than 90 hectares, as vast as it has no end. Each season, this place leaves a different impression. In spring, canola flowers bloom brilliantly in yellow, and wild peach blossoms bloom in crimson red. When summer arrives, the corn and rice fields turn a cool green.
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Photo: Uy Jun Pyo Autumn is the time when Ha Giang is so stunning, with golden, ripe rice and the fragrance spreading throughout the villages, evoking peaceful and poetic feelings. When winter comes, tourists can admire the buckwheat flower carpet interspersed with rows of Chinese fir trees that rise high to catch the wind. All are present and contribute to the diverse and breathtaking scenery of Suoi Thau Steppe in Ha Giang.
Photo: Hue Ling After a journey through the rocky, bumpy road that challenges many drivers, tourists will admire a vast space reaching to the blue sky with the sparkling, peaceful Lo River flowing day after day.
Photo: Uy Jun Pyo In the early morning, the steppe will be an ideal cloud-hunting spot in Ha Giang. A sea of white clouds surrounds the mountains, embracing the small houses. At dusk, this place gives you a great view of the sunset with a romantic and lyrical look.
Photo: Uy Jun Pyo No matter the time, Suoi Thau can entice even the most demanding tourists. The journey is arduous and remote, but the landscape of Ha Giang, a lesser-known destination, certainly does not disappoint visitors. Cre: Yen Yen - Vietnam Sports Newspaper


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