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See snow and ice at Shirakawa in Nagano Prefecture
One of the winter wonderful sceneries in Japan is the giant icicles with the white of snow and the blue of the ice reflected by sunlight. It will be very cold because to get the masterpieces of this nature, the temperature must be from -10 ° C to -20 ° C, but it is worth it to explore the winter experience in Japan.
One of the great places to see snow and ice in Japan is Shirakawa in Nagano. The Shirakawa icicles are about 250m wide and 50m high along the stone wall along the Nishino River. The illusion that glows from icicles is amazing, and sharp icicles like fangs create the majestic beauty of nature.
In Japan, in the mountains where the temperature is below minus, freezing of waterfalls is quite common, but large and wide icicles like Shirakawa are quite rare. This majestic masterpiece created by the groundwater from Mount Onake flows down the Nishino River dripping from the top of the rock wall and freezing. Ice pillars appear around December and reach their maximum from January to the end of February when the weather is the coldest of the year.
The scenery of snow white and ice blue is breathtakingly beautiful as if time has stopped.
This is a famous photography spot, where many photographers visit to take photos of wonderful art created by nature. During the day, pale icicles change their color in the sun. If you can handle the cold well, linger until the evening to see large, colorful icicles when illuminated at night.
It is quite far from the train station, so it is suitable for traveling by car. If you are coming by car, stop at the warehouse of the entrance to Keyaki-no-Yu along Road No. 20 and down the river bank from behind Keyaki-no-Yu.
+ Location: Shirakawa Ice Pillars
+ Address: Nagano ken Kiso-gun Kiso-chō Mitake Ibara
+ 〒397-0101 長野 県 木 曽 郡 木 曽 町 三 岳 井 原
+ Tel: 0264-22-4000
+ Opening time: all day, light-up from 17:30 to about 21:30 from January to February
+ Admission: free
+ Access: convenient by car.
Hopefully this article provides you with the necessary and useful information.
Source KVBro-Japanese Life

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