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Rolling Through Cao Bang in 2 Days and 2 Nights by Car
🚗Here's our laid-back plan: 📌Day 1: Commencing at 1:00 am from Hanoi, we embarked on a comfortable night drive and arrived in Cao Bang at 7:30 am. After breakfast in the city, we headed towards Trung Khanh, making stops to explore the Ma Phuc Pass and Khuoi Ky Stone Village. By 11:00 am, we reached the majestic Ban Gioc Waterfall for sightseeing and photo opportunities. In the afternoon, we visited Thang Hen Lake, captured moments at the lake, and moved on to the mystical Mat Than Mountain (Thung Mountain). Day 1 concludes with a relaxing dinner at Me Farmstay.
📌Day 2: Kicking off with breakfast at Me Farmstay, we snagged some shots at the homestay and then hitted up the revolutionary historical spot Lenin Stream - Pac Bo cave. In the afternoon, we headed to Khau Coc Cha, a 25-minute climb for panoramic photos of Khau Coc Cha Pass. The evening brought us back to Cao Bang city for some exploration and entertainment. The following day, we returned to Hanoi by car.
🌻Our Top Spots: - Ban Gioc Waterfall: A mind-blowing waterfall sandwiched between Vietnam and China. Pro tip: Visit during the specific water release hours for worthy pics (from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm). - The historical site of Lenin Stream - Pac Bo cave: Looking stunning this season! It's a bit of a walk through the entire area, but totally worth it. The water is crystal clear, refreshing, and pleasant, surrounded by serene and picturesque nature.
- Mat Than Mountain (Thung Mountain): Seriously beautiful scenery here. It feels vast, with loads of buffaloes and horses roaming around. Capturing some videos because this place is a visual feast. - Thang Hen Lake: You can practically taste the vibrant green in the photos. Don't miss this gem.
- Me Farmstay: A budget-friendly, charming homestay with cozy nature vibes. - Khuoi Ky Stone Village: A quaint village with 14 families living and working in tourism. Stone structures and that peaceful small-town vibe make it perfect for an afternoon stroll.
🍜Must-Try Cao Bang Eats: Sour pho and Pho with Roasted duck Cao Bang steamed rolled pancakes Dried buffalo meat, black chicken hotpot, etc. "Khau Nhuc"- a local delicacy Fried duck meat cake (Ap Chao Cake)
January is the perfect time to explore Cao Bang. Grab your backpack and hit the road - what's stopping you?💚 📸 Đi trốn không --- Written by Linh Xinh Translated by Ali


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