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Phu Quy Island - Let's schedule a trip to the island together! ️🏝️
Summer is almost over, so let's schedule a trip to the island together! ️🏝️ Phu Quy Island is a beautiful island with fresh nature and strange, unspoiled scenery. Summer is coming to an end. If you haven't been to the island yet and are afraid of regrets, hurry up and plan a trip to this beautiful island right away.
The months of June to August will be the most beautiful time on Phu Quy Island. When coming to the island, you will be able to go fishing or squid fishing at night with the locals. The sea is very calm, but everyone should still check the weather forecast before going.
🏖 Beach: Everyone can go swimming at Bai Nho Beach. You have to climb a little, but the beach is beautiful and quiet. Swimming near the shore is enough to see the fish floating around. 🌅 Watch the sunrise: - Phuot Slope: Drink coffee with a sea view. This place is a bit crowded because it's the easiest to reach. - Ganh Hang and Bai Nho Beach: You should go from 4:30; there aren't many people here. I was almost alone on the beach. You can also visit the above points in the afternoon, when the sun is shining brightly, to take better pictures.
🌄 Watch the sunset: Hai Dao Restaurant and Bai Lang Embankment 🍽 Dining: In addition to the restaurants that people often review (Luoi Seafood, Ong Gia, Loc Phat 68, Hai Tham, Thuan Phat, ...) you can try the following restaurants: - Mini-pancake eatery at 79 Vo Van Kiet - Morning steak in Dong Ba - Crab paste vermicelli soup & Chicken rice at Dak Lak Food (Vo Van Kiet) - Huong Loc sweet soup - Milk tea: Island Milktea, 1992, BootTea. Drinking juice at the park in the evening
🏠 Homestay: Fishing Village Hometown (Hometown Lang Chai), Giac homestay, Linh Ca Homestay, Phu Lien, etc. ---------- Above is the basic information about the trip to Phu Quy sent to you. Hopefully, you can soon decide and start the trip. 📸 Thank you Ha Mo for stunning photos


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