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Ninh Thuan is not dry and sunny at all
Oh, it's very funny that the four days I spent in Ninh Thuan were gloomy for all four days (even the first two days had heavy rain), so I couldn't feel any harsh weather in this place. On the contrary, the weather was cool and comfortable =)). The reason is that I visited during the period of typhoon number 2, so Ninh Thuận was somewhat affected. Fortunately, the rain only lasted until the afternoon and evening, so there was still enough time for me to explore and wander around this region.

Where to Stay and How to Get Around in Ninh Thuận:
I chose to stay in two places for a diverse experience:
- Chan Ranh House at Vinh Hy Bay: An incredibly charming homestay right by the bay, boasting a stunning top-of-the-world view!! The room rate for where I stayed (1st floor): 550k on weekdays; 650k on Friday, Saturday, Sunday (breakfast included). The homestay also offers other rooms at slightly higher prices, which come with even better views. If you have the chance, I recommend trying those as well – I believe the view competes with luxury hotels! Additionally, Chanh Ranh provides various amenities for guests' use, such as washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, and a kitchen, etc. for comfortable stays. The minor downside is that the homestay has poor sound insulation.- Hoan My Resort in Phan Rang City: A 4-star resort with both hotel rooms and villas. The lowest price starts at 1,650k. I paid 2,700k for a Suite room (direct sea view) and found it absolutely worth it. The staff here is lovely. The resort is new, beautiful, and elegantly designed, with a slight Japanese influence. The only downside is that the breakfast buffet has a limited selection, and the waiting area lacks air conditioning, so it can get a bit hot.

Transportation Options: - Fly from Noi Bai to Cam Ranh: If you're in the North and want to travel to Ninh Thuận, this is the most reasonable way to get there. - Then take a taxi from Cam Ranh Airport to Vĩnh Hy – the price is around 650k (Phone: 0934142727); to Phan Rang City, it's cheaper by about 100k. - In Vinh Hy, I rented a motorbike for 150k/day (Phone: 097 4772228). The motorbike's engine is a bit weak, and steering it up slopes can be tiring, but the its color is cute, so it's accepted =)) Vinh Hy Bay is small and its surrounding attractions are within around 10km, so I think it is reasonable to ride a motorbike. From Vĩnh Hy to Phan Rang City, I rented a taxi for 480k (still the airport taxi guy). - On the last day, I rented a car to visit places in the southern part of Ninh Thuận and then head to the airport, costing 1,500k (Phone: 0899951114).
Detailed Itinerary for Ninh Thuận: I decided to spend most of my time in Vinh Hy Bay as I found there were more attractions in this area. The remaining 1.5 days were split between Phan Rang City and the southern part of Ninh Thuận (Mui Dinh, Nam Cuong Sand Dunes, etc.). [I imagined Ninh Thuận province divided into three parts: north (Vinh Hy); central (Phan Rang City - Po Klong Garai Tower); and south (Mui Dinh, Ca Na, etc.). Everyone can use this concept to organize their itinerary more easily. This is just my own division after looking at the map, so please forgive any mistakes.] This time my health was not good so I traveled less than expected. The itinerary also had a lot of crazy parts, driven by mood and physical condition. Take a look and if it seems reasonable, feel free to use it as a reference. DAY 1: HANOI - CAM RANH AIRPORT - VINH HY BAY DAY 3: BANANA BEACH - 702 PASS ROAD - VINH HY - HOAN MY RESORT DAY 4: HOAN MY RESORT - MUI DINH - DAM NAI WIND FARM - CAM RANH AIRPORT - HANOI
Hopefully, these details about Ninh Thuan will provide you with more motivation to start your journey right away! ------ Source: Nguyễn Mai Thùy Dương

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