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Must-visit places when coming to Cambodia
Cambodia, the country of temples, always makes you admire its solemn, ancient, sacred beauty and desirable destinations. ✔ Angkor Wat
This place attracts tourists from around the world to admire Cambodia's ancient history. Angkor Wat is today considered the most important monument in Cambodia, recognized as the pinnacle of Khmer art and architecture. ✔ Angkor Thom
If you have visited Angkor Wat, you cannot miss a second place related to the monument, Angkor Thom. Angkor Thom is located in the Angkor complex along with Angkor Wat. It is the last and longest ancient capital of the Khmer Empire. ✔ Silver Pagoda
Wat Preah Morakat, also known as the Silver Pagoda or the Emerald Buddha Temple, is the most exquisite and celebrated temple in Cambodia in terms of both architecture and art. The temple has no abbot because this is where the country's king used to organize Buddhist ceremonies.✔ Sihanoukville Beach

The beach is known for its fine white sand and blue sea water, creating a wonderful resort and attracting a large number of tourists. ✔ National Museum of Cambodia
With a unique style blending Khmer and French architecture, the National Museum of Cambodia located in the center of Phnom Penh is a destination you should not miss. Come here to admire more than 5,000 specimens, collections, and archaeological items to further the understanding of the religion and development history of Cambodia, as well as feel the unique architecture of this museum. ✔ Banteay Srei Temple
Located 35km northeast of Siem Reap city, Banteay Srei temple appears like a fairy tale castle with mysterious and ancient beauty. This Cambodian temple was built to worship the Hindu god and Shiva. ✔ Ancient Capital of Oudong
Oudong was the ancient capital of Cambodia from the 17th to the 19th century. Coming here, tourists can visit ancient historical relics, moss-stained temples, and wild natural beauty. Nestled in the jungle, the ancient capital of Oudong is like a forgotten land amid magnificent Cambodia. By Minh Anh Photo source: internet


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