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Museum of Ethnology - A place to preserve the good cultural values of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam
The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is one of the places to display and preserve the cultural values of 54 ethnic groups across the country.
Photo: @hanoi.saturdate
Photo: @hanoi.saturdate
✍ An introduction to Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
Hanoi Museum of Ethnology, which was inaugurated in November 1997, is a place to introduce and display the cultural values of 54 ethnic groups on the S-shaped land. It preserves many special cultural values associated with the history and region. Among them, the most prominent is the folk architectural garden. In addition, the museum also displays the cultural values of the ethnic groups in Southeast Asia.
Photo: @dadi.gogo
Photo: @dadi.gogo
The museum was established in 1981 in Hanoi with an area of 3.27 hectares. This work was designed by architect Ha Duc Linh and interior designer Veronique Dollfus (French). Artifacts are displayed in different categories, such as clothes, jewelry, weapons, musical instruments, religion, beliefs and many other spiritual activities.
Photo: @thuyrbichs
🏠 Address: Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Quan Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi
⏰ Opening hours: 08:30 - 17:30
💸 Ticket price:
▪ Adults: VND 40,000/person/turn
▪ Students: VND 20,000/turn
▪ Students: VND 10,000/turn
▪ Children under 6 years old: Free
▪ Notes: People who enjoy the policy that allows them to explore more about traditional culture (elderly people, people with disabilities, etc.) receive a 50% discount on ticket prices.
Photo: @changsuhatdosinh
✍ What's appealing about the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology?
The museum is divided into 3 main areas: the Bronze Drum Building, the Kite Building, and the Architectural Garden. Each area displays according to its own content, introducing the cultural beauty of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam and cultural regions around the world.
Photo: Tran Thanh Tu
✔ Bronze Drum Display Area
The Bronze Drum exhibition area is where visitors can admire the traditional costumes, rituals, tools, or ancient living utensils. Currently, this is a place to display more than 15,000 artifacts, 42,000 films, and different audio and music tapes about the culture and customs of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.
Photo: @frosterizdabest
Photo: @frosterizdabest
Photo: @fwgn.ah0
Photo: @fwgn.ah0
Photo: @fwgn.ah0
Photo: @fwgn.ah0
✔ Outdoor Display Area
This is an outdoor exhibition area with an area of up to 2 hectares. The architectural garden introduces to visitors the types of houses of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands as well as the Northern mountainous region. Here, you can admire 10 models of the reconstruction of houses of Vietnamese ethnic groups, such as communal houses, stilt houses, tile houses, etc. Every detail is lifelike, from the entrance gate to the wells and steps, highlighting the characteristics of each ethnic group.
Photo: @vinhlavinhthoi
Photo: @vinhlavinhthoi
Photo: @vinhlavinhthoi
Photo: @koby_nation
Photo: @koby_nation
✔ Southeast Asia Exhibition Area
The kite-shaped building inside the Hanoi Museum of Ethnology is the Southeast Asian exhibition area that brings visitors a glimpse of typical Asian culture and the beauty of outstanding cultures around the world.
Photo: @dadi.gogo
Photo: @dadi.gogo
Photo: @dadi.gogo
🎡 Activities at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
In addition to its unique cultural beauty, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology also offers visitors many interesting activities, including:
▪ Water Puppetry: The theme of water puppetry is related to stories in the daily lives and activities of ethnic groups. They are modified and told with vivid and attractive water puppet images. Ticket price: VND 90,000/adult and VND 70,000/child. In the morning, you will see a free performance.
▪ Quan Ho Bac Ninh folk songs: Quan Ho folk singing sessions will be served and introduced to domestic and foreign tourists. If possible, you can also participate in these performances.
▪ Many folk games, such as throwing balls, swinging, passing Cau Kieu (a one-pole bamboo bridge), going balance, etc., will be held on the museum's premises. These are interesting experiences that you should not miss when coming here.
In addition, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology also sells many unique souvenirs reflecting the cultures of 54 ethnic groups. If you want, you can also buy it as a gift for your friends and relatives.
🎯 Notes for Visitors to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
▪ The museum has a multilingual guide, so you can request a guide on the spot, buy a ticket at the gate, or register before going to the museum for a meaningful and complete visit to the Museum of Ethnology. most complete.
▪ Put your belongings in the right place, bring money and other valuable items with you to avoid theft.
▪ Maintain common hygiene; do not cause noise or disorder.
▪ Do not bring food or drinks inside the museum premises.
▪ Do not touch or move the exhibits and items on display.
▪ Do not bring pets or animals into the museum.
Photo: @_im.minnie.62
The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is a space to learn about the history and culture of different ethnic groups. Hopefully, these sharings will help you have interesting and meaningful experiences while visiting here.

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Kelly Mary
Reminds me of my golden days when I was in Vietnam
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Christie Ani
thank you for this one, I hope it helps. Excited for my day here!
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Even i had visited Vietnam with my family for a week.... We enjoyed a lot 😍😍❤❤
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