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Mae Aw (Mae Hong Son) - "Thai Love Village" in the top most beautiful in the world
Mae Aw, also known by the popular name Ban Rak Thai (Thai Love Village), is located in a valley of Mae Hong Son province, 1 km from the Myanmar border. The village is surrounded by hills, tea plantations, and water reservoirs. American travel magazine CnTraveller in early May voted this as one of the 50 most beautiful towns in the world in 2023. Located in the far west of the country, there were few visitors before the epidemic. In recent years, the village has become more talked about but it is still an ideal destination for those who want to stay away from the crowds of Bangkok or the excitement of Pattaya. Mae Aw (Mae Hong Son) - "Thai Love Village" is among the most beautiful in the world Located in Mae Hong Son province, Mae Aw is 250km from Chiang Mai and 120km from Pai. As a village of Chinese descent, the adults in Mae Aw use all Chinese, and only the young people speak Thai. This village was built in the 14th century and has undergone many historical ups and downs. With its traditional way of life and mixed culture of Muslims and Dai people, Mae Aw gives visitors an insight into the special lives and cultural traditions of the local people.
The ancient houses are surrounded by green tea hills, blurred in the mist, creating a picture-perfect fairy tale land. With a cool climate and quiet space, Mae Aw gives visitors a feeling of peace and simplicity. Mae Hong Son province is also known as the "fog land" of Thailand. When arriving in the village, visitors should stop by a tea shop on the side of the road to enjoy delicious cups of tea while admiring the romantic scenery of hills and mountains along the riverbank.
Mae Aw, an ancient village located in the northeastern plains of Thailand, is an attractive destination for those who love traveling and want to explore the cultural beauty of Thailand. With stunning landscapes, unique culture, and friendly residents, Mae Aw not only becomes an alluring destination but also offers visitors unique experiences and new discoveries.
When you set foot in Mae Aw, you will be greeted by traditional wooden houses with striking red corrugated iron roofs. What's special about Mae Aw is that people live in harmony with nature and treat their surroundings well. You can walk in the village and explore small alleys, visit ancient pagodas, and admire the unique architecture of traditional wooden houses.
A memorable experience in Mae Aw is enjoying local cuisine. The typical Muslim and Dai dish has a unique combination of local spices and ingredients, giving it a unique and interesting taste. You can enjoy dishes like “khao soi” – typical fried noodles, or “khao lam” – sticky rice grilled in bamboo tubes. Don't forget to try specialty teas like seasonal flower tea and delicious milk tea! Source: Du lich Chat


  • Selina Mary
    Selina Mary
    How peaceful this village is
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    • 4 months ago
    • Hoang Yen Nguyen
      Hoang Yen Nguyen
      Wow it impresses me
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      • 4 months ago
        I must visit Thailand for my next visit for me to see what God has created that need to see physically.
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        • 4 months ago
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