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Locate the virtual-living coordinates of Chika Farm Dalat that captivates tourists
Dalat is not only famous as a tourist city with a cool climate but also captivates visitors with its beautiful view farms with no dead angles. In the article, let's discover Chika Farm Dalat, one of the largest farms with extremely romantic, eye-catching space and irresistible virtual-living coordinates.
1. About Chika Farm Dalat
▪ Address: Da Quy Hamlet, Xuan Tho Commune, Dalat
▪ Phone number: 081 625 5174
Located about 13 km from Dalat market, Chika Farm is a brand new virtual-living place that has been sought after by young people recently. This is also an excellent stopover for those who are looking for a peaceful haven amidst the peaceful nature of the mountain town.
Although Chika Farm Dalat has only been in operation since the end of December last year, the farm has made many tourists miss it because of the close space with the cool green of the mountains and the large area. This place is also likened to farms in the romantic European countryside with extremely appealing red wooden houses, breeding areas for sheep and alpacas, and so on. In particular, there is also an area on the farm where you can enjoy delicious coffee!
2. Detailed directions to Chika Farm
The road to this Dalat farm is not difficult because it is quite close to many other tourist attractions in Dalat. You can combine it with sightseeing to make your trip more convenient and time saving. You can also refer to the suggested route below.
Starting from Lam Vien Square, you move in the direction of Ho Tung Mau, then turn left onto Tran Hung Dao Street. Next, you continue to go straight to reach Hung Vuong Street. Here, you turn right to enter Tu Phuoc - Trai Mat Street and go straight in the direction of National Highway 20 (towards Cau Dat), then turn right onto Da Quy village road. When coming here, you just need to go straight for about 3 km to see the signpost to the farm right on the side of the road.
@Chika Farm
3. Opening hours and ticket prices
Opening hours: From 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily
Reference ticket price:
+ Adults: VND 110,000
+ Children 1 meter to 1.4 meter tall: VND 60,000
+ Children under 1 meter tall: free
Note: the above ticket price includes an optional drink buffet. In addition, you can buy more sheep food for VND 10,000/cup.
4. What does Chika Farm has?
📍 Countless "genuine" check-in backgrounds
Besides having fun and taking photos with sheep and camels at Chika Farm sheep farm, you can also freely snap creative photos at any angle that are as gorgeous as the peaceful European land. The area of the brilliant red wooden house as well as the romantic natural scenery of lakes, hills, and pine forests all promise to bring many appealing suggestions for your check-in journey with your loved ones.
📍 Visit the farm area
Chika Farm Dalat is divided into two areas. An area for raising sheep, goats, rabbits, and alpaca camels. Cotton-white sheep and funny Alpaca camels are grazing freely in the camp space surrounded by wooden fences, and visitors to this place will be free to move inside to play with or take pictures with them.
The sheep and camels in particular are very friendly and gentle, so visitors can easily pet them, buy food to feed them, and take photos with them. It's fascinating that in the cold weather of Da Lat's mountains and forests, you can hug sheep and camels and create precious moments that are not inferior to the scenery of peaceful and poetic European farms!
📍 Enjoy delicious coffee at Chika Coffee
On the premises of Chika Farm Dalat, there is a nice little cafe with a chilling view. The cafe is designed in the shape of a pickup truck and has flashing lights, making it an extremely impressive space, especially in the evening. This is also the place to provide all drinks for visitors when visiting here.
The pretty drink cups at Chika Coffee are printed with wooden houses or alpaca camels, which are likened to the symbol of the farm. More interestingly, this coffee-drinking area also owns many of the most attractive virtual living backgrounds on the farm or a prime location to admire nature, so visitors should definitely not miss this new experience. In the chilly weather in Dalat, there's nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee and watching lovely sheep, isn't it?
5. Some tips for super-cool virtual living
👉 First, you should choose for yourself some vintage-style clothes to make it easy to pose and take pictures.
👉 The best time to check in at Chika Farm is in the morning or late afternoon. The most beautiful time in Dalat is in the morning, when the sun shines around 8:30 a.m. - 9 a.m., and in the afternoon, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. You will undoubtedly have stunning photographs if you go at this time.
Your trip to Dalat will become more interesting with this brand new virtual-living coordinates. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, come to Chika Farm Dalat to experience a new sense of peace like you've never felt before!!!
Cre: Halo Travel

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