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The biggest monolithic statue of Nandi is located in Lepakshi, 120 km from Bangalore. Lepakshi is a village in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. Sri Veerabhadra Temple and Monolithic Bull (Nandi) are in the tentative list of UNESCO sites. It was submitted by Permanent Delegation of India to UNESCO in Feb 2022.
@subhrajit_006 Statue of Nandi (the bull) is usually found at the entrance to the temple of Lord Shiva in a sitting posture. It is believed that the region centering the Veerabhadraswamy Temple and its circumference that includes the Nandi belonged to one whole temple complex. Over the years the land has been encroached on and acquired as private properties. Villages have sprung up in this region. Notice the absence of Nandi in Veerabhadraswamy Temple. Lepakshi Nandi is one is one of the few colossal forms of Nandi. It is cut from a single granite stone measuring 20 feet in height and 30 feet in length. This monolithic Nandi statue is said to be the second largest monolithic structure in India after Gomateshwara in Shravanabelagola. The features have been sculpted with lot of care and the details though worn out a bit look good.
@subhrajit_006 It was built in the mid-16th century by Viranna and Virupanna, Vijayanagara governors of Penukonda, now in Andhra Pradesh, India. Do you know why devotees whisper their desires in ear of Nandi?? When Bhagwan Shiva sits in penance, Nandi is stationed outside his tapa sthal (place of meditation) in Chaitanya state. So the devotees speak in the ear of Nandi as no one can disturb the penance. When Shiva comes out of penance, Nandi tells him all the things of the devotees desire. Here, since Nandi’s ears are unreachable, I saw some of the devotees whispering in the neck region. (See picture) That part of the statue has got slightly discolored.
@subhrajit_006 A little away from the Nandi in Lepakshi we discovered a small muddy pool. The pool lacked maintenance. All sorts of rubbish were strewn around it. It seemed to be crying for attention and care. I wish the Andhra Pradesh tourism did its part for the little pool.
Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh The only pleasant sight was the pink water lilies blooming in that pool. The water lilies seemed to win the struggle of growing through clogged muddy water and reaching the sunshine and pure air above. Unstained and undeterred, they seemed determined to spread their fragrance and beauty all around. Isn’t that a message for us?
Uncared muddy pool Lepakshi Where is Lepakshi Nandi located? Nandi is visible from a distance. It is located 500 m from Lepakshi Bus Stand and 500 m from Sri Veerabhadra Temple. Address: Lepakshi mandal Hindupur taluk, Dst. Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh 515331 Distance from Bangalore International Airport – 98.3 km via NH-44, time taken – 1 hour 27 min. Very good road. You can hire a private taxi or take state transport buses. APSRTC buses leave for Lepakshi every 30 minutes from Hindupur. Best Time to Visit Lepakshi Visit during the months July to February. Summers can be unbearably hot as there are no trees around. Ideal weekend/day trip destination from Bangalore If you are undecided about tripping to Lepakshi, I will say go for it. There are many eateries along the way and road condition is good too. Tickets and Timings Nandi in Lepakshi is a free sight. However it is in a gated enclosure. Open timings to get closer to Nandi is from 7 AM to 6 PM. Cre: isharethese


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