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Korea at the end of the red leaf season, the snow begins to cover everything in white
In the third week of November, Korea has entered the late autumn period. The leaves in many places are no longer red and yellow but gradually change to a new color and fall down. However, the scenery in famous places, such as the row of metasequoia trees or Jeonju ancient village, is still as gorgeous as a masterpiece.
One of the famous places in Korea that cannot be ignored during autumn is the straight road lined with old metasequoia trees (near Jeonju Hanok Village). This row of trees was planted in the 1970s. In November, this whole area is dyed in bright, romantic yellow, orange, and red colors, enticing many tourists and people to stroll around.
This is also a location that appears many times in Korean movies. Tourists can take stunning photos from any angle.
This spot is most lyrical in the morning or late afternoon, when the soft light shines. Furthermore, ginkgo trees planted on both sides of the road contribute to the romantic atmosphere of Kimchi's land.
The red-leaf season in Korea is at its most stunning from September to November every year. At that time, the weather is cool, sometimes a bit chilly. Near the end of November, some areas in the North are completely cold, with temperatures dropping below 10 degrees Celsius.
Jeonju village has about 800 ancient houses that are still inhabited by people. This place is only 2 hours away from Seoul. For reasons of conservation and cultural preservation, these houses are not renovated or rebuilt into high-rise buildings.
Around the village, many carpets of fallen leaves appear after the rain, causing a feeling of excitement for passersby. During the third week of November, snow began to fall lightly, leaving white patches on trees and grass on both sides of the path.
The scenery of this ancient village is similar to that of many other ancient villages in Korea. There are numerous excellent restaurants and extremely romantic coffee shops in this area. Wandering around all day to see yellow leaves and falling snow also brings a lot of excitement.
Jeonju Hanok Village is not only a place where visitors can experience traditional Korean culture such as wearing hanbok costumes, enjoying traditional cuisine, and exploring ancient hanok houses, but there are also 20 important historical heritage sites here, including Gyeonggijeon, Omokdaem, Jeonju Hyanggyo, and so on.
A little bit of autumn is still present in Seoul. According to the observations of photographer Vu Minh Quan, who is currently in the land of Kimchi, the further south of the city, the more bright yellow the scenery becomes, while the leaves are gradually falling in the north of the capital. Photo: Vu Minh Quan Cre: Vietnamnet


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