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Immerse yourself in Jacaranda flowers blooming in South Africa
As the seasons come and go, from summer to autumn, the capital streets of South Africa are once again adorned with the purple blossoms of Jacaranda flowers in a corner of the sky.
If Vietnam has Hai Phong - "City of Red Flamboyant Flowers", South Africa has its capital, Pretoria, renowned as the 'City of Purple Jacaranda Flowers' with 70,000 trees planted throughout the city. From parks, schools, administrative headquarters, or shopping centers, every street is drenched in the dreamy, romantic shade of purple. It's as if the entire city is donning a purple coat of dreams and romance.

The Jacaranda tree, also known as the purple-flowered tree, is a symbol of the beautiful South African nation. Jacaranda carries a dreamy and ethereal hue, not blooming in the summer like other poinciana flowers but only revealing its splendor in autumn and winter. In the local language, Jacaranda means 'fragrance,' as this flower not only possesses captivating colors but also exudes a sweet, pervasive scent all over the city. When the gentle spring sun begins to shine through the glass windows, anyone walking the streets of South Africa will be mesmerized by the vibrant rows of purple trees blooming strongly as the new season arrives.

From September to November each year is when the purple Jacaranda flowers bloom most beautifully, making it the ideal time for travelers to visit the city of Pretoria in South Africa. Those who admire the beauty of South African Jacaranda flowers will be captivated by the sight of Jacaranda trees painting the city in various shades of purple. Pretoria is indeed known as the 'City of Purple Jacaranda Flowers,' where the blossoms flourish everywhere, from neighborhoods to parks, gardens, etc.
Source: Lao Dong Newspaper, luhanhvietnam


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