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Hueree flower paradise: Check-in spot loved by loads of people
Hueree Park, also known as Hueree flower paradise, is an incredible place on Jeju Island for those who love nature, especially flowers. When setting foot here, you will be overwhelmed by the exquisite beauty of the brilliant flower gardens.
🔸 Where is Hueree flower paradise?
Hueree Nature Park (휴애리) is a natural park in Seogwipo city on Jeju Island, South Korea. The specific address is 256 Sillyedong-ro, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do.
To get here, you can take bus route 181 from Jeju International Airport. Then, get off at 하례환승정류장(하례리입구). Walk to 하례환승정류장(하례리입구) bus stop and then continue to take bus number 622. After 7 stops, you get off at the Simhyangsa bus stop. After that, walk about another 2km to reach Hueree flower paradise.
🔸 What time should you go to Hueree Park?
Hueree Flower Park is open all year round. It opens from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m on weekdays. Therefore, you can visit Hueree Park anytime.
However, according to the experience of the Jeju people, the best time to visit Hueree flower paradise is during the festival months of the year. In a year, Hueree Park will organize four festivals, including the camellia festival from November to January next year, the Pink Muhly Grass festival from September to November, the hydrangea festival from April to July, and the cherry blossom festival from February to March.
These festive months are also the time when all kinds of flowers bloom brilliantly. Therefore, it is considered the most beautiful time of the year to visit Hueree Park in the above months. At this time, the flowers bloom brilliantly, creating a vast and beautiful flower paradise for you to visit, admire, and check in.
🔸 How much is the entrance ticket to Hueree Park?
- Children (Under 11 years old): 10,000 won/ticket
- Teenagers (12 years old - 17 years old): 11,000 won/ticket
- Adults (18 years old - 64 years old): 13,000 won/ticket
- If you go in a group of more than 30 people, the ticket price will be cheaper.
🔸 Discover Hueree flower paradise
Hueree Flower Paradise is one of the most popular tourist attractions on Jeju Island. The park has an area of ​​​​up to 20,000m2 with many spacious flower gardens. When coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed and attracted by the stunning natural scenery.
Jeju has a cool climate all year round. Therefore, Hueree flower paradise features a lot of lush flowers, including cherry blossom, hydrangea, apricot blossom, and camellia. When their seasons come, the flowers make a blaze of colors in the sky, creating a scene of immense stunning flowers.
Notably, during the hydrangea season from April to July and the camellia season from November to January next year, Hueree Park attracts numerous visitors to visit and check in. These are considered the two most beautiful flower seasons of Hueree Park.
The hydrangea garden in Hueree flower paradise is enormous. Besides, this place is interwoven with different types of hydrangea flowers, creating an incredible scene. The blue, pink, and purple hydrangea flowers create a strikingly magical check-in background scene. By standing in the flower garden, you have lots of beautiful photos.
Notably, Hueree flower paradise features another brilliant beauty when the camellia season comes. The whole park puts it on a bright red color. In the green background of the sky, the camellia garden becomes more prominent and beautiful than ever.
The Hueree flower paradise also has many photozone areas, serving tourists who are crazy about virtual living. Therefore, when visiting the park, besides checking in the flower gardens, you can take advantage of taking pictures in these areas.
In addition to the colorful and beautiful natural flower gardens, Hueree Park has an area for raising cute animals like pigs, horses, and goats. If you are traveling with children, do not forget to bring them to this area. Buy some food and let the children give it to the animals. They will enjoy it. The animals here are taken care of and cleanly.
Hueree flower paradise is not only a place to visit but also a great virtual living coordinate, attracting heaps of tourists to check in. The flower gardens here are incredibly lush and vibrant. In addition to spacious space, Hueree Park also features many second-to-none virtual living backgrounds.
Hueree Park is one of the hottest destinations on Jeju Island. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to travel to Jeju, do not miss this incredible place. Hahalolo hopes that these pieces of information will help you get more suggestions about places to have fun when traveling to Jeju Island. Have many lovely photos when visiting Hueree flower paradise!
By luhanhvietnam

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