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Hoi An old brick kiln - a super chill virtual-living spot that tourists can't ignore
Referring to Hoi An, many people often think of the old town, Thu Bon River, and beautiful check-in corners sought after by young people. And it is impossible not to mention the old brick kiln, a super chill virtual-living spot in Hoi An town. So what makes this place so appealing to tourists? Let's find out in the article below!
@travels_again 1. What are the coordinates of Hoi An old brick kiln? The old brick kiln in Hoi An is a destination located on the outskirts of the old town. This place is situated in Vinh Nam village, Duy Vinh commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. From the center of Hoi An town, you will have to travel about 6-7km to get here. Because it is located in the middle of a vast field, the old brick kiln has been attracting more and more young people to snap photos and visit. Gradually, this place became a famous check-in spot. 2. How to get here? It is about 6 -7 kilometers from the center of Hoi An, so getting here is simple. You can choose to take a taxi. Drivers in this tourist city are familiar with Hoi An old brick kiln. So all you have to do is say the key word, and you can relax and enjoy the scenery along the way before arriving at your destination. The taxi price is a bit high, but if you go in a large group, the car fare is not very expensive. On hot days, taxis are also a pretty affordable option.
Photo: Nguyen Khanh Hoang Anh In addition, 90% of young people prefer to travel by motorbike. With motorbikes, tourists can travel on tree-lined village roads, weave between fields to see green rice fields, and take in the fresh air of the countryside. Moreover, when traveling by motorbike, you can stop at any place along the road to take pictures, enjoy local cuisine, visit, or buy gifts for your loved ones. 3. When should I go to the old brick kiln to take stunning pictures? To capture beautiful photos, you definitely need to come on a beautiful day, neither too sunny nor too rainy. So, you will have a photo with enough light, an appropriate layout, and standard space. Located near the beautiful city of Hoi An, the best time to come here is from the end of February to the beginning of October. This is also the most beautiful time of the year in this central land.
Photo: Bang Bang To avoid the hot sun, you can come early in the morning or at sunset to hunt for the "golden hour". Furthermore, you should avoid visiting during the rainy season, which runs from October to February next year. There are times when it rains all day and you can't get out of the hotel. 4. What is so appealing about Hoi An old brick kiln? It's just an old brick kiln, but why can it hold visitors back? The reason is right here!
Photo: Song Uyen
@andeenguyen - It's a very trendy check-in place. This brick kiln appeared about 20 years ago, but recently it no longer works. It seemed like a ruin, but since the check-in trend began, young people have been flocking here to take their own unique photos. In particular, there is now a cafe of the same name with a direct view of the immense field and this super chill brick kiln. The old brick kiln was recently built with a bamboo bridge from the outside to the middle of the field, making the photos taken here more sparkling. The soft and elegantly winding bamboo bridge, combined with the solidity of the brick kiln, creates a contrast that is extremely reasonable. You can sit on the bamboo bridge with the rice field below and take photos. These photos really get your money's worth!
Photo: Tran Le Mai Thuong
Photo: Manh Tien Khoi However, the stairs from the foot to the top of the brick kiln are the highlight. The pictures taken on these stairs are a bit magical, romantic, and nostalgic about the years of childhood. With its large space and unique background, which is suitable for many styles from strong to girly personalities, it is no exaggeration to say that Hoi An old brick kiln is currently an extremely "trendy" check-in point. - Chill out at old brick kiln cafe After the renovation, a cafe appeared with a dear name: Lo Gach Cu Cafe (old brick kiln cafe). The shop is connected to the brick kiln by the bamboo bridge. This is also the place to help the old brick kiln attract more tourists. The cafe is extremely rustic, built in stilt house style with tables and chairs made of bamboo. It is simple but creative, and more importantly, it is very suitable for the vast countryside scene.
Photo: Nguyen Khanh Hoang Anh
@chaichanh Drinks are quite good, ranging from VND 20,000 to VND 50,000. Especially on hot and sunny days, after hours of tiring photography, there is nothing better than enjoying a glass of orange juice here. - Enjoy the fresh air of the countryside Located in the middle of a vast field, visitors coming here can not only hunt for extremely trendy photos and enjoy delicious drinks but also take in the fresh and airy air of the countryside. If you come here in June or September, you will also get a "bonus" with the scent of ripe rice, reminiscent of the old childhood days.
Photo: Song Uyen
@travels_again It takes about 2 hours to half a day to visit this location, and you have a load of extremely high-quality and unique photos. So, if you have the opportunity to come to the ancient town, don't forget to check in the old brick kiln in Hoi An!
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