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Get Lost In The Snowy Wonderland Of Harbin, China
Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province in China, is renowned as the 'Ice City.' Every year, as winter arrives, Harbin adorns itself with the magical beauty of snow, attracting eager travelers from all corners of China.
Visiting Harbin in winter means immersing yourself in a world of stunning snowscapes. The streets, alleys or parks—all are blanketed in pristine white snow. Trees, houses, rooftops don a fresh, enchanting layer, creating a mesmerizing and surreal atmosphere.
The best time to explore Harbin is from December to February when temperatures plummet to an average of -10 to -20 degrees Celsius. For the most breathtaking snow experience, early winter is the perfect time to visit when the snow is thick and immaculate. This period offers an ideal opportunity to witness the splendid beauty of this snowy wonderland.
👉 Harbin Ice and Snow World: One of the most famous winter attractions in Harbin. This enormous snow park spans an area of 650,000 square meters, featuring thousands of meticulously sculpted snow artworks. 👉 Paradise Garden Park: A park with various entertaining activities suitable for all ages. 👉 Yabuli Ski Resort: The largest ski resort in Asia, offering diverse slopes catering to all skill levels. 👉Songhua River: If you're in Harbin for the Ice Festival, daytime activities like ice skating take place on the frozen Songhua River, which remains solid from November to April. You can reach the riverbank by walking from Central Street or take a river-crossing cable car from Tongjiang Square in Daoli District to Sun Island Park. Additionally, you can explore the Dragon Tower, or Poseidon Beach Water World. 🍳UNIQUE CULINARY DELIGHTS
Harbin's cuisine reflects the rich flavors of Chinese gastronomy, harmoniously blending fresh and delicious ingredients. Some must-try dishes in Harbin include: 👉 Da Lie Ba: Also known as the 'big bread,' a round, sourdough bread weighing 2.5 kg, with a salty taste rather than the typical sweetness found in most Chinese bread. It boasts a crispy exterior and a soft interior. 👉Di San Xian: One of Harbin's most famous dishes, a combination of potatoes, peppers, and eggplants fried in oil with soy sauce and salt, offering a savory and salty taste. 👉 Guobaorou: Crispy sweet and sour pork—a popular Northeastern Chinese dish in Harbin, best enjoyed at Laochujia Restaurant, a local favorite. Harbin is indeed an ideal destination for those seeking a beautiful winter experience. If you have the opportunity, come and savor these unforgettable moments. - Article Source: Compiled and synthesized By Tran Thi Cam Nhi (Wiki Travel) Translated by Dan


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