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💦💦 Finland's SuperShe Island - the holiday paradise of 'women' !!!
⛱⛱⛱ - -Finland's SuperShe Island - the modern version of "women land", where is considered a paradise only for "women" to relax and have fun. ================ ◾ If Japan has an island that prohibits the presence of women, in Finland, SuperShe Island (translated: super lady island), located in the Baltic Sea with an area of about 34.00m2, only welcomes women to travel making many people surprised. -----The birth cause of Finland's SuperShe Island----- ☘Kristina Roth - German-American businesswoman used to work with most men and often suffered from their teasing or disdain. At the same time, after a vacation at Ashram in Calabasas, Calif, and near Ranch Malibu, she realized that when men were present, women were distracted and lost concentration, and unable to work effectively.
☘Therefore, she decided to invest in a resort only for women, without discrimination, but just so that women can connect effectively and more interestingly, as well as helping them to renew themselves and their desires. And since then, the SuperShe paradise island in Finland was born. -----The poetic beauty of Finland's SuperShe ----- 📍📍The harmonious combination between a vast forest of trees echoing in the wind and clear blue water like seeing the bottom of the Baltic Sea makes Finland's SuperShe island have both wild, mysterious beauty and romantic and lyrical ones.
📍📍In the distance are white rocks protruding in the middle of the sea like gems, along with white clouds drifting in the blue sky, shining under the water, creating a charming painting of mountains and water and touching people.

📍📍In particular, because it is just a small island without the presence of vehicles or factories, the atmosphere of Finland's Super Lady Island is extremely fresh, pure, and peaceful, very suitable for your wonderful vacation.
-----Interesting points of Finland's SuperShe island ----- ⛱ Coming to the SuperShe Island, instead of thinking about what to wear to be beautiful and attractive to the other sex, you can freely dress according to your preferences without worrying about the look of male around. In other words, you will be free to relax, "recharge" without fear of distraction.
⛱ You can spend an entire day swimming, playing outdoor adventure sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, banana boat ... without getting bored. Or take part in classes of cooking, exercise, yoga, meditation and enjoy classy massage services to relax your body, certainly not bad.
⛱Even Finland's SuperShe Island also has great spaces for all the familiar or unfamiliar women to hang out, chat, or hold cozy parties together.
⛱With about 10 houses decorated and designed as luxury homestays, with sea views to watch a romantic sunset or a charming dawn every morning, SuperShe in Finland will give you a paradise holiday that you never forget.
⛱In particular, the peaceful and friendly scenery will give visitors a familiar feeling like being at home, thereby arousing excitement and ideas for you to create many new things. -----Some notes when resorting at Finland's SuperShe Island ----- ◾ This island "women land" in Finland will surely be the dream place of many girls, but not everyone can get a rest here. Because after submitting a reservation through the website, you will have to undergo a health test on the Internet. ◾ After that, especially the video interview and it is Kristina - the owner of the island who will decide whether to accept the guest or not. And according to Kristina, since you will be living on the island, the prerequisite is to have a great personality, always cheerful, and able to stir the atmosphere. ◾ Moreover, its price is not cheap, you will spend from 5000 USD to 6000 USD in 1 week of vacation, so if you want to travel to SuperShe Island in Finland, you need to consider carefully. -----The ideal time to join Finland's SuperShe Island ----- ⚠Located in the middle of the sea, the best time for you to come here to explore is the period from May to August. At this time, the weather is quite cool, pleasant, the sea is also calm, so you can comfortably participate in water activities or sightseeing.
"Photos: @𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑑𝑒𝑟𝑙𝑢𝑠𝑡" ⚠Winter (from October to March next year) is the time when the SuperShe island in particular and Finland, in general, are extremely cold, the sea surface can be frozen, will make your entertainment activities delayed, so this is the time you should not travel most. 💨 If you want a wonderful vacation without the presence of men, Finland's SuperShe Island is the ideal destination for you. 💙 📌Source: 𝗧𝗵𝗮́𝗶 𝗛𝗮̀ (𝗧𝗼̂̉𝗻𝗴 𝗵𝗼̛̣𝗽) #$gnal$#


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