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Find Inner Peace At The Glamorous Field Of Reeds In Binh Lieu
It is no doubt about that people always seek out the land of Binh Lieu for the desire of ruminating on gentleness, tranquility or even just for enjoying fresh air at a countryside. Contemplating the stunning charm of white reed flower fields will surely be the most peaceful moments in this hustle and bustle of life. As a poor mountainous district in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, Binh Lieu is about 270 km from the center of Hanoi. It is dubbed the miniature Sapa thanks to its poetic, gentle and tranquil glamour.
The field of reed flowers in Binh Lieu. Photo: Internet Binh Lieu leaves a strong impression in the heart of any of the tourists who come from another regions, especially the beauty of its winding roads and peaceful hills among the mountains and forests. This place is both a popular name of an attraction of tourists when they’ve traveled to Quang Ninh and a brand new stopover of long-journey backpackers. Binh Lieu is also the land for those who love nature and have a burning passion on glamorous reed flower fields.
Photo: Internet When it comes to the last days of Autumn and early winter days, Binh Lieu becomes strangely beautiful by its white reed flowers which cover a corner of the sky. Reed flowers swing along with gentle breezes are going to bring you an inner peace.
Photo: Internet The reed flower is a symbol of a strong vitality, which drives people’s heart crazy by its somewhat wild charm. The image of the immense reed flower fields which are supposed to run to the end of horizon attracts people so bad.
In summer, the atmosphere in Binh Lieu is normally lower than other regions 4-5 degree Celsius. Also, you may see snow here in winter and this is the reason why it is dubbed a miniature Sapa. For enjoying best reed flowers, you should come here in October. The weather then is absolutely suitable for you and your buddies to talk and laugh, camp or admire the peaceful reed flowers among the blue and clear sky.
Photo: Internet For the purpose of admiring the glamour of this flowers, you’d better travel by motorbike because of convenient moving and proactive time management. I would like to recommend you a route of Hanoi- Highway 1- Highway 18-Que Vo( Bac Ninh province)- Pha Lai- Sao Do- Dong Trieu(Quang Ninh)- Uong Bi- Ha Long- Bai Chay Bridge- Cam Pha- Cua Ong- Mong Duong- Tien Yen crossroad then turn left to highway 18C, keep going towards Hoanh Mo about more 28 km, and here you come. Author: THP #$gnal$#


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