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Explore the rustic yet poetic beauty of Hang Tau
When it comes to Moc Chau tourism, many people often remember the beauty of the endless green tea hills, plum gardens laden with fruit, white canola fields that look like flowing silk, and other appealing destinations like Pine Forest in Ang Village, Dai Yem Waterfall, Moc Chau Heart-shaped Tea Hill, Pha Luong Peak, or Coffin caves in Suoi Bang.
Photo: Ho Thien Nga However, why does the plateau known as the Northwest Muse only have beautiful scenes like that? In fact, it would be a mistake if you missed Hang Tau (Primitive Village) in Moc Chau, which is a strangely charming and pristine location. This is literally a peaceful, beautiful and very primitive village.
Photo: Ho Thien Nga When "newbies" hear the name Hang Tau for the first time, they will mistakenly think it is a cave. In fact, this is a farming and agricultural production area of more than 1 hectare, where only 22 H'Mong households are living.
Photo: Ho Thien Nga Hang Tau (Primitive Village) is located in Chieng Hac commune, Moc Chau district. This is one of the most pristine places, likened to a miniature steppe amidst the majestic Northwest mountains and forests. In recent years, Hang Tau has drawn an increasing number of backpacking travel enthusiasts.
Photo: Do Tu Each season, Hang Tau has its own beauty. In spring, you will see plum blossoms blooming next to corn fields. Or in late fall or early winter, there are countless flowers blooming here, giving you plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos. However, tourists should avoid visiting Hang Tau during the rainy season, which lasts from July to August, because the road is slippery, muddy, and very difficult to move.
Photo: Do Tu One of the reasons why many enthusiasts want to visit Hang Tau, Moc Chau, is the extremely rustic and peaceful life here and the houses close together.
Photo: Ho Thien Nga This "primitive" village, as its name indicates, has absolutely no electricity, phone signal, wifi, or tourist services. Even domestic water must be pulled from natural water mines at high altitudes for use. Around the village, there are only green, rolling mountains and forests, a few pigs, chickens, and ducks owned by livestock farmers, and 20 wooden houses. On that green grassland, people also let pigs run around, which is very funny and adorable.
Photo: Nguyen Chung Indeed, Hang Tau is a tourist destination as well as a fantastic journey of discovery for those who love nature and fresh air, especially backpackers. Hopefully this village will forever retain its natural beauty, which is difficult to find, and will not be adversely affected by humans. Source: Top Moc Chau


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