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Enjoy The Season Of Photography, Boating & Birdwatching At Yamuna Ghat
Nestled in Kashmere Gate, Yamuna Ghat needs no introduction to us, based solely on its grandeur and tranquillity. With the serene Yamuna river, migratory seagulls and peaceful ambience, it is a literal heaven for all those who have an eye for photography.
GHATS—A SERIES OF STEPS LEADING down to water—are a common sight across. For thousands of years, people have used them to enter various bodies of water in order to bathe or release the ashes of loved ones. Yamuna Ghat is one such place.

Situated near a cremation ground in a historic part of Delhi along one of India’s most sacred rivers, Yamuna Ghat continues to be in use today. At dawn, the ghat is the site of a majestic gathering of hundreds of seagulls flocking to feed.
The reflection of the birds on the still water blended with the colors of the sunrise combine to create a breathtaking scene. Just across from the ghat is an island of untouched marshland that renders Delhi as it was hundreds of years ago, lush and misty.
Though it is a sacred body of water on the Indian subcontinent, the Yamuna River is also among the dirtiest rivers in the world. Fortunately, the outer beauty of this refuge masks the unfathomable amount of sewage that lurks just beneath the water’s surface.
📌 Know Before You Go The ghat can be accessed by its Google Maps location. It's located in a residential neighborhood, so if you get lost any local will be able to point you in the right direction. It is best to visit at dawn when the seagulls come to feed. There will normally be a few boat drivers waiting there that will charge a small amount (around 50 rupees) to ferry you across the water and back.
📌 What Makes It Awesome? Yamuna Ghat near Nigambodh Ghat is a photographer's and bird watcher's delight, especially during the months of November-February where the area is full of migratory seagulls.
Having its historical mention in Padma Puran and Mahabharata, Yamuna Ghat has many interesting stories to offer. Although developed by the British, this place now is a centre for art exploration for photographers and other art lovers. Starting from 6:30 am, it's delightful to watch the birds in action and locals engaged in rituals.
One can also opt for boating in the river and feed the birds. It's an out of the world experience to be in the centre of the river and watch the flock of birds flying above your boat. Also, the place has some remnants of medieval and British architecture which is quite appealing.
📌 What Could Be Better? The place is dirty and could be cleaner. 📌 How Much Did It Cost? Under INR 500 📌 Best To Go With? Family and Big Group Source: Atlas Obcura & LBB


  • Doshi Khushhal
    Doshi Khushhal
    Wow. such a breathtaking scene 😍😍😍
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    • Mohite Chitranjan Kumar
      Mohite Chitranjan Kumar
      यमुना घाट एक पवित्र स्थान है
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      • Nair Ramesh
        Nair Ramesh
        Can't to to see the sunset here. so incredible
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