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Dong Ngac Village - A place retains old beauties in Hanoi
🔍Dong Ngac village, which stands out as a quiet and interesting place amid the hustle and bustle of Hanoi city, still holds its unique and ancient charms unchanged. 🔍It is known that Dong Ngac is one of the well-known ancient villages in Hanoi and located right in the heart of the busy city. All of this brings the village a harmonious pace of life which comes from captivating combination of traditional and modern features, and becomes an ideal destination for tourists from all over the world to seek for a peaceful space during their wonderful trip with family and friends.
The ancient village of Dong Ngac - one of the famous ancient villages and located amid the busy city.
💟Located in Dong Ngac ward, Bac Tu Liem district of Hanoi, the village is renowned as one of the oldest villages here. This spot is the cradle of many Sinology and Western sinology scholars so people get to know it widely by its nickname of Village of Scholars. From the beginning to the end of Nguyen Dynasty, Dong Ngac village had 22 people who passed doctorate, in which 21 decorate of literature and one decorate of martial art. Families in this village also had people who passed competition- examinations. Mention this, we cannot ignore the family of Hoang Giap Hoang Te My, which is outstanding one with three generations of passing doctorate and one junior doctor in a row.
Dong Ngac - one of the oldest villages in Hanoi
The famous village with the nickname of Village of Scholars. Many sinology and western sinology scholars were born here. Through the up and down, Dong Ngac village has become an appealing tourist destination which draws a huge attention to tourists when traveling to Hanoi. Coming here, people easily recognize that this place still retains magnificent and ancient beauty of old architectural designs such as temple and pagoda, also admiring its harmonious combination with fascinating modern highlights. Hence, the village promises to be a good recommendation for those who wish to contemplate the nostalgia in the heart of Hanoi.
The village still retains its own magnificent and ancient charms from old works.
An amazing destination preference for those who desire to “change of air’ and enjoy peaceful space amid the capital. 💟Experiencing enticing tourist activity at Dong Ngac, Hanoi. The village has about 100 old houses at different time, in which some dated from the 1605s (about 400 years ago). Most of them were built in 3 or 5-compartment houses with low floors and roofs shakes down on 4 sides. The pillars were made from rare and precious kinds of woods ( Lauan Meranti, Apitong, iron wood…) and are decorated with the horizontal lacquered board which almost stayed unchanged today.
The village remains about 100 old houses dated from different time
It owns houses dated from 400 years ago and were intricately built Mention typical architectural designs, we cannot miss Ve Temple, which dated back over 400 years. The temple owns a huge area with fascinating sub-coordinates. Or people can get to know the clan ancestral house of Phan Chi Co, which is covered by a large campus dated back 420 years. These designs possess their own long-standing historical and cultural values which will definitely leave an impression on tourist’s heart.
Some architectural designs under the village also possess the beauty of the blend of classical French architecture with traditional feudal imprints. A special thing at this place is that the blend of classical French architecture with a very unique feudal imprint, which is most clearly shown in the works of the Ke Ve village area such as the Dong Ngac B primary school. Dong Ngac B is near the village communal house with small yellow-painted pavilions, walls, roofs carved with dragons, lotus flowers... will certainly bring an interesting sightseeing experience for visitors when coming to this old village.
Although many modern houses have appeared in Dong Ngac village, it somehow still retains the nostalgic image of the past. Currently, many modern houses have appeared in Dong Ngac village, it somehow still retains the nostalgic image of the past that has not been lost like the old kitchen still located next to a luxurious villa, lush gardens under tiled roofs, large vases decorated in the porch area… are all images that are hard to find in the heart of the bustling city that anyone who has the opportunity to visit the capital should not miss.
Small alleys with old mossy walls on both sides bring a sense of peace and tranquility ❣Save nostalgic moments Coming to this attractive tourist destination in Hanoi, visitors certainly cannot miss the opportunity to visit ancient works possessing a unique and attractive Asian-European architectural beauty of the village. They are village gates, alley gates with two towering towers showing the spirit of studiousness from thousands of years ago, the mossy and ancient pagoda roofs, the location of the lotus ponds built according to ancient architecture, old golden walls... all promise to bring a lot of interesting and new virtual-living backgrounds for tourists who are passionate about photography when coming to the capital.
Coming to tourist destinations in Hanoi, visitors should not miss the opportunity to take a walk to visit the ancient works
There is no shortage of nostalgic check-in shooting angles full of charm for those who are passionate about virtual living In particular, the nostalgic and ancient atmosphere at Dong Ngac village, Hanoi, is extremely suitable for tourists to wear traditional Ao Dai during their visit as well as to seek out classic-style shooting angles, will definitely help you own many "swag" travel photos.
The nostalgic atmosphere at Dong Ngac village in Hanoi is very suitable for visitors to wear traditional Ao Dai
Creative shooting angles that visitors should refer to for an attractive trip Besides Dong Ngac village, the capital also owns many other impressive ancient village areas such as (Son Tay town), Cu Da village (Cu Khe commune, Thanh Oai district), Uoc Le village (Tan Uoc commune, Thanh Oai district), Cuu village (Van Tu commune, Phu Xuyen district)… are all interesting sightseeing suggestions for tourists who love the fascinating ancient beauty of the beautiful capital land.
The capital also owns many other impressive ancient village areas for tourists to plan a visit. Photo: kyubichann
Preserve interesting moments in the peaceful Duong Lam ancient village. Photo: vedugx 💜Dong Ngac ancient village in Hanoi is compared by tourists from all over the world as "a peaceful haven" or "a quiet note" in the heart of the crowded capital while still preserving its own long-standing historical and cultural values through ancient works that harmonize tradition and modernity, promises to bring a new unique travel suggestion if you are too familiar with busy entertainment places in the city center. ========= 📸Photo source: Ngoc Bich Hoang ✅According to Do Hang (Vietnam Sports Newspaper)


  • Cullen Mia
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    The highlight at this village was a visit to Mr Do's house, a 300-year-old traditional Vietnamese house that has been occupied by the same family for 15 generations.
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    I love Vietnamese girls in Aodai
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    i love vietnames
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