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COVID is over - Check-in Top 5 Hot Tourist Destinations In The Southwestern Region Quickly!
🌱🌱 If you are a fan of travel and photography and "crazy feet" because of COVID, please quickly note the following fascinating tourist coordinates in the southwestern region! Located in the south pole of Vietnam, the southwest region has 12 provinces and one centrally-run city. It is the land of immense rice fields, branches of fruit trees, and gentle people all year round associated with the alluvial rivers. People find it the beauty of the simplicity but sincerity in this land. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🌱 Lost in the endless green maze in Tra Su melaleuca forest, An Giang Tra Su Melaleuca forest is in Van Giao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang, an area of up to 850 hectares. Possessing the diverse flora and fauna, which is typical of the wetlands in the west of the Hau River, Tra Su Melaleuca forest will bring you exciting natural experiences.
@nuhavia The ferryman will take you into the giant deep blue maze of nature when you rent a small boat.
At different times, the color of the maze will gradually change. It is a misty early morning emerald green and fades to emerald green as the rays of the sun weave through the leaves.

Away from the trees, the green color of nature turns into lemon peel green under the sweltering sun of a warm day.
🌱 Discover the idyllic rhythm of life at Cai Rang Floating Market, Can Tho With the habit of living by the banks of big rivers, it is easy to understand when the floating market is a cultural characteristic of the southwestern people.
@lehatruc Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho is probably the most typical market, which has been honored by foreign magazines as one of the five most exciting markets in Asia.
To visit the market, you have to get up very early because the market opens when the weather is still dim and finishes around 8-9 am.
@lehatruc Come here to drop yourself on colorful boats, explore the simple rhythm of the gentle people, enjoy typical hot dishes right on the small boat.
@phm_th_tuan 🌱 Xeo Quyt ecological area, Dong Thap - A miniature ecosystem Traveling to the southwestern region, do not forget to once set foot in Xeo Quyt Ecological Area. It takes about 30km from the center of Cao Lanh city, stretching in the two communes of My Long and My Hiep.
This is a historical site combined with natural tourism that will surely delight you by its ancient and wild beauty. Xeo Quyt possesses a rich vegetation cover with melaleuca trees that have lived for 3 decades, standing tall and proud as a guard.
The vines sticking around the trees make the natural picture even more ghostly. Besides, this is also the home to many valuable animals such as python, snakehead buffalo, box turtle, wide-beaked lemongrass, and common otters ...
@hiuka 🌱Experience with sophisticated Khmer architecture at Siamese Pagoda, Bac Lieu Considered one of the temples with the most beautiful Khmer architecture in the southwestern region, Siam Can Temple is in Hiep Thanh commune, Bac Lieu City, making pilgrims admire for its majesty and beautiful architecture.
From the huge Buddha statues to the smallest carvings on the wall, they show the ingenuity and sophistication of skilled craftsmen a century ago.
@_onlysymann 🌱 Immerse yourself in turquoise water in Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Phu Quoc - a beautiful island in Kien Giang Province is a tourist destination in the southwestern region that you shound not to miss.
Come here to be immersed in clear emerald water, smooth sandy beaches, sparkling sunlight playing on bare skin.
@alena_radomskaya Phu Quoc is also an ecological haven with many other sparkling natural and cultural activities that will surely fascinate you.
@travels_of_jeff 🌱🌱🌱The above are the top 5 special tourist destinations in the southwestern region that will bring you memorable experiences. Together with your friends, you are planning to run away from COVID with these interesting coordinates. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Source: TravelMag #$gnal$#


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