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Coming to Ba Vi to see blooming wild sunflowers 🌻🌻🌻
Wild sunflowers, a typical flower of Ba Vi, come to bloom at the end of October and are at their most beautiful around mid-November.
Photo: Hoang Huy Hieu Wild sunflower is a typical flower of Ba Vi, a district in the semi-mountainous region located northwest of the capital Hanoi. In the 20s of the last century, when the French were building a church and nine villas on Ba Vi, they brought this wild sunflower to plant. Wild sunflowers here usually flower in October and November. Since 2015, realizing the love for this flower, Ba Vi National Park has planted more wild sunflowers to develop them into a tourism product, according to the Ba Vi National Park website.
Photo: Hoang Huy Hieu Arriving in Ba Vi on October 26, Hoang Huy Hieu (24 years old, Nam Dinh) said that wild sunflowers had only bloomed at some spots along the way; there were still many buds left. At that time, the area where the flowers bloom most brilliantly is about 500 meters from the ticket station of Ba Vi National Park.
Photo: Le Thanh Phuong After about two weeks of blooming, on November 11, Le Thanh Phuong (Hanoi) came to Ba Vi to admire the most stunning scenery of the flower season.
Photo: Le Thanh Phuong Currently, wild sunflowers are blooming brilliantly along the route from the foot of the mountain to the Ba Vi National Park ticket gate. Visitors can walk slowly to enjoy the yellow color stretching on both sides of the road.
Photo: Le Thanh Phuong The most stunning flower-bloomingarea is about 4 km from the entrance to the National Park. "Looking up or looking down, you can see flowers," Phuong said.
Photo: Le Thanh Phuong Although wild sunflowers are not as large as sunflowers, they grow in bushes and create a dazzling golden carpet when their flowers bloom.
Wildflower hill is located about 3 km from Thuong Temple. Photo: Le Thanh Phuong In Ba Vi National Park, the paths are covered with yellow flowers. Compared to the area along the road, the flowers in the National Park bloom less and still have many buds. It is expected that in the next one to two weeks, visitors will be able to admire the flower season at its most beautiful time.
Photo: Le Thanh Phuong To enter Ba Vi National Park for wild sunflower viewing, tourists need to buy a ticket with a price of VND 60,000 for adults, VND 20,000 for college students, and VND 10,000 for students. Priority ticket prices for the elderly and disabled are VND 30,000. Cre: Quynh Mai/VnExpress


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