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Burano, Veneto, Italy
✨ Burano is an instagrammer's paradise. Enter the incredibly colorful world of Burano where the houses are painted in bright hues and the streets are lined with picturesque canals.
✨ Burano has a rich history dating back to the 16th century, when it was a thriving fishing village. Fishermen painted their houses in bright colors so they could be easily located after a long day at sea.
✨ Another hypothesis is that each color corresponded to a family. Today, these bright colors continue to characterize the island and make it a unique and attractive tourist destination.
✨ The colors are now carefully regulated by the local government to preserve the traditional and picturesque character of the island.
✨ On the island, visitors can admire the intricate lacework created by local artisans, stroll through the colorful streets and canals, and explore the historic churches and museums.
✨ Burano is also a great place for photography, with its bright colors and charming architecture providing the perfect backdrop.
📸 @ewout.pahud

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Sara Sara Corcione's profile picture
Sara Sara Corcione
So colorful..for sure it looks paradise place😍
 · Reply · 2 months ago  
Gracey Meyer's profile picture
Gracey Meyer
I was there in October and it was amazing. Such a beautiful place , so rich in history. Also very talented lace makers, they do ...
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 · Reply · 2 months ago  
Carlie Alexander's profile picture
Carlie Alexander
Amazing colours. The Burano people certainly know how to brighten up the town.
 · Reply · 2 months ago  
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