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Brand new check-in point amidst the green pine forest at the foot of Elephant Mountain in Dalat
Coming to Dalat, visitors can not only enjoy the fresh air, they can also mingle with nature in the majestic Elephant Mountain pine forest.
Elephant Mountain pine forest with a cluster of thousand-year-old red pine trees. Photo: Minh Nhat About 15 km from Dalat’s center, down Prenn Pass to the highway, Elephant Mountain has an altitude of over 1,700m, located in K'Long village, Hiep An commune, Duc Trong district. The place has imposing scenery, cool climate all year round with a rich biological system, ancient trees, countless colorful flowers, and more. This is also a conservation area for red pine trees - a rare and red-listed tree population. Here, visitors have an opportunity to explore the vast primeval forest, experience learning about the thousand-year-old red pine populations and rare plant species in the world; Immerse yourself in mysterious nature; Fascinated by the majestic and poetic beauty of the waterfall continuously pouring from a height of nearly 40m, spreading 100m wide, flowing through a system of 7-storey stone steps., etc Situated right at the foot of Elephant Mountain, gently along the hillside, wearing the green color of primeval jungle, about 100 hectares wide, is a newly invested and elaborately built tourist area with a large complex. This is a place where visitors can exchange culture, relax, experience, and explore nature. Services and experiences are rich. For those who prefer relaxation can stay in camping tents by the stream, container bungalows, and so on. Sights and experiences should not be missed such as the Japanese garden house, the Central Highlands exhibition house; or royal garden, love garden, off-road racing area; and even a play area for children.
Cre: Tourism Page - Labor Newspapers


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