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Back from Korea, Craving a Swift Comeback 😘
Our group of three friends just had a 5-day trip (2 days in Busan, 3 days in Seoul). First time in Korea, so we wanted to hit up a bunch of spots, making our schedule busier than back home but it's truly worth it.
Although we couldn't catch the most beautiful moments of yellow and red leaves, we soaked up everything else: sun, wind, rain, cold, and even a bit of hail 🤣 Only thing missing was the snow 😄 Feeling a bit beat but very satisfied. Waiting for discounted plane tickets to "return home" again soon 😅
Usually, I like to dive into different groups and plan things myself when I travel. But this time, due to a busy schedule, I hired the planning service from 'Planning Your Trip To Korea.' I wouldn't give them a perfect score because it sounded a bit exaggerated, but I feel it's worth it because they were quite handy whenever we needed to adjust the itinerary that we came up with ourselves.
Because of our fixed schedule, we were like running against deadlines 🤣 Yet, we still couldn't avoid stumbling upon cosmetic and accessory shops, causing us to deviate from the plan a bit. Well, let's save those regrets for the next time.
I believe anyone heading to Korea will really enjoy. The possibilities of yellow and red leaves around this time are almost over, and it's quite cold. Remember to dress warmly and bring an umbrella. Even if the leaves have already fallen, the scenery is still breathtaking, just beautiful in its own way 😛 ---- Written by Thuy Duong Pham Translated by Dan


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