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Bach Moc Luong Tu peak (Ky Quan San) at 3,046m
Embarking on a 26-hour trek, a fleeting journey (excluding travel time).
While I was quite confident in my physical fitness and health, the pace of climbing in a single day, coupled with the uncertainty of meal arrangements, sometimes made me feel the need to take breaks to catch my breath. I had to acclimate to the thin air, and my legs felt quite weary, especially with the steep, towering rock walls of this majestic peak.
- Day 1: Opting for a solo adventure, I decided to spend the night at Porter's house in Ngu Chi Son commune (considering the considerable distance from Sapa town to Muong Hum, it made sense to rest the night before trekking).
- Day 2: Starting from the Porter's house at 5 am, I had breakfast in Muong Hum at 6:15 am and prepared some food for the journey. At 7 am, I continued to the foot of the mountain in Sang Ma Sao commune, Bat Xat district. Exactly at 8 am, I took the first steps into the forest to conquer the peak of Ky Quan San. After about three hours, I reached a resting point at Muoi Mountain, had lunch, and rested for a bit. At 1 pm, I resumed the journey; this stretch was quite challenging with steep rock walls that demanded a quick expenditure of energy. Around 4 pm, I triumphantly set foot on the summit of Ky Quan San at 3,046m.
- Day 3: Enjoying the sunrise at Muoi Mountain. After admiring, playing, and capturing the surroundings until about 7 am, it was time to descend. Surprisingly swift, it took only about two hours to return to the ground. The decision was spontaneous, the backpack was slung, and I set off. A fortunate journey, favorable weather, and a complete immersion in all that nature bestowed upon Ky Quan San! ---- Written by Duong Doan


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