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Arbaaz Khan says he will never let son Arhaan carry the ‘supposed legacy’ of Khan family: ‘There’s no pressure’
Arbaaz Khan talked about how he would never try to influencehis son, Arhaan Khan's future plans. However, he also won't bother him with the legacy of his Khan family and force him to join the industry. . Arbaaz Khan in a recent interview talked about his son Arhaan Khan’s future plans. Arhaan is Arbaaz and Malaika’s son who is currently studying filmmaking in the US. Talking about giving advice to Arhaan, Arbaaz recently said that he will not pressurise his son about his family legacy, so that he can explore his dreams. . Arbaaz had earlier shared that Arhaan recently assisted filmmaker Karan Johar on a movie. He said he will next work with his father in his upcoming, Patna Shukla. When asked about giving pointers to Arhaan ahead of his career in Bollywood, Arbaaz said that he wouldn’t want to scare him with advice. . Arbaaz who believes parents should guide and support their kids and not influence them, told ETimes, “If Arhaan comes up to me with something, and at that time if I say 'No, why are you doing this? You should do that instead'. He'll listen but he’ll be scared for life. The point is, when you have that power, you should know how to use it. Because they are vulnerable at that point. If I say 'No, you will not be an actor'. I’ll squash his dreams. Hearing my knee-jerk disapproval might disgust him at some stage in his life. He might end up feeling his father didn’t let him explore his life.” . “If something drives him, if he's passionate about it, it could be anything - if he wants to be a chef - it will work out. Tomorrow if he comes and says, 'I’m really passionate about wanting to start a restaurant. I want to be a chef', I will never let him carry this supposed legacy, of being from the film industry, about his grandfather being from the film industry. There's no pressure. I just let him be,” Arbaaz added. . Arhaan is Arbaaz and Malaika’s only son whom they are co-parenting after their split. The actor also shared that neither of them is a strict parent, however, Malaika can be firm at times. He called himself ‘indulgent’ as he wants his son to get everything he wants to be happy. . Arbaaz and Malaika finalised their divorce in 2017, ending their more than 18 years of marriage. Currently, Arbaaz is dating Giorgia Andriani. Malaika, on the other hand, is seeing Arjun Kapoor. Arbaaz was last seen in Tanaav. Cre: hindustantimes


  • Linh  Linh
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    • 1 year ago
    • Antim Kumar S
      Antim Kumar S
      The Star-kids have no future in Bollywood and this dad has realised..
      Their days are over is basically his confession..
      Better get into some other job is the message..
      • Haha

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      • 1 year ago
      • Rohit Yadav
        Rohit Yadav
        Legacy??? Hill Road wala or Black Buck?
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        • 1 year ago
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