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Amazed by the picturesque thousand-year-old salt fields
The ancient salt fields in Maras, Peru are considered "unique" with surprisingly beautiful scenery.
Photo: Internet Maras is a town located in the Sacred Valley of the ancient Incas. It is close to the ancient city of Machu Picchu as well as the present-day city of Cusco, Peru.
Photo:@enchanted.forest It is known that the salt fields here began to be built around 200-900 AD, during the Chanapata culture period, meaning before the Inca period.
Photo:@smwysel The Maras salt terraces are located 3,000 meters above sea level. There are about 5,000 salt ponds, each belonging to a local family, and several of them remain unused.
Photo:@meg_legs Each pond is usually 5 square meters wide and 30 cm deep. Additionally, an ancient water channel called Qoripujio waters the salt ponds.
In Maras, the practice of taking salt from the salt fields has been maintained as a tradition for many generations. In particular, terraced salt fields not only provide salt for the whole country but also bring a unique gift, which is pure pink salt that not only adds flavor to meals but also has medicinal uses.
Photo: Internet Besides its nutritional value, the salt fields in Maras, Peru are also an attractive tourist destination for many people. The breathtaking scenery of this place deserves the highest praise.
Photo: Internet To have the opportunity to admire the wonders of Maras, each visitor will have to pay 10 Peruvian Sol (approximately VND 56,000 or USD 2.6) to the local community. In addition, Maras town located only 4 km from the salt fields is also a place worth visiting. Cre: Dan Tri


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