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EXPERIENCE SIEM REAP - GATEWAY TO THE ANGKOR COMPLEX Watch the sunrise 🌅 or sunset 🌇 from a hot air balloon to admire a more majestic Angkor Wat from above. The higher you go, the more breathtaking views you may have never seen are revealed. Catching an entire work of art within sight is a premium experience that everyone should try at least once. ​ ​⛅️ Appreciate the pinnacle of Khmer architecture as you walk through each cluster of relics, revealing an extraordinary design language that no words can describe. You'll be amazed by the extremely sophisticated decoration. ​ ​ 🌤️ Explore an Angkor Thom full of mystical appeal. This is the longest-standing and also the last capital of the Khmer empire, bearing witness to interesting, impressive, and unforgettable historical stories. ​ 🛺 Continuing the journey is a rustic experience of moving around the streets by Tuk Tuk like a local. What could be more exciting? ​ Book a flight ticket to Siem Reap to freely experience with Hahalolo✈️​​ 👉 Check out more travel experiences and share your trips with Hahalolo - the travel social network: #hahalolo #hahaloloallinone #hahaloloflightticket #hahalolotour #hahalolohotel #travel --------------------- 💁‍♀️ Experience Hahalolo at: 💁‍♀️ Hahalolo Instagram: 💁‍♀️ Customer Service Center:


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Tia Stream - the fairyland-like upstream of Tuyen Lam Lake
Tia Stream - the fairyland-like upstream of Tuyen Lam Lake
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Kaylee Kelly

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