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President Biden designated nearly a million acres of land near the Grand Canyon as a new national monument on Tuesday to protect the area from uranium mining. On a visit near the Grand Canyon, Biden said the new designation would preserve sagebrush, bighorn sheep and 450 kinds of birds. But, he added, protecting the land, long held sacred by Native American leaders, was not just a matter of the environment. “By creating this monument, we’re setting aside new spaces for families to bike, hunt, fish and camp, growing the tourism economy,” Biden said. Native tribes and environmental groups have long lobbied for the government to permanently protect the area around the Grand Canyon from uranium mining, which, they say, would damage the Colorado River watershed as well as areas with great cultural meaning for Native Americans. Under the designation, all new uranium mining will be blocked. Uranium mining has already been restricted in the area since 2012, but that Obama-era moratorium was set to expire in 2032. Biden’s designation will make the conditions permanent. Cre: The New York Times


  • Nguyễn Thị Lan
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    • 8 months ago
    • Robert Chad
      Robert Chad
      Okay, now stop approving oil drilling thx
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      • 8 months ago
      • Matthew Delwyn
        Matthew Delwyn
        Okayyyy someone is buying themselves some cool points 👏
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