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Tips and photo spots if you’re planning to visit the lavender fields in Provence this year 💜 🌸 Peak bloom is around mid July; so best time to visit would be from the last week of June to mid July, although this may vary year to year depending on the rainfall 🚙 Best to have a car to be able to explore around the different fields 🏡 Valensole is the closest town to the fields to use as a base to stay but is more expensive and have limited options, Manosque and Riez are a little further away but have more options 📸 Photo spots and coordinates: Pics 1-4 🌸 Sage and Lavevender fields with house located next to each other around 15 km from Valensole in the direction of Puimoisson, if you’re lucky you can also catch balloons like we did 🎈 📍 Coordinates 43.893751 6.116192 Pics 5-9 🌳Lavandes Angelevin located around 5 km (3.1 miles) from Valensole, it has the beautiful never ending rows and lonely tree on the background 🌻 You can also find a sunflower field next to it 📍 Coordinates 43.822054 5.937107 Pic 10 🏡 Stone House located around 20 km from Valensole, along the D953 road between Puimoisson and Riez 📍 Coordinates 43.851485 6.110340 Cre: @dwanderess


  • Stella Kelly
    Stella Kelly
    So dreamy pictures! With the balloons it is just breathtaking! ✨️👌
    • Haha

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    • 9 months ago
    • Sophia Wright
      Sophia Wright
      These are very beautiful pictures! Now I wanna go there too and get some nice shots myself hehe 🙃 📸
      • Haha

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      • 9 months ago
      • Zacherry Kitty
        Zacherry Kitty
        It’s really so beautiful 😍😍😍 I would love to go 😍
        • Haha

        • Reply
        • 9 months ago
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