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🔥 After I-95 Collapse in Philadelphia, Authorities Find a Body Amid Wreckage 🔥 -------------------------------- ❌❌❌ Authorities on Monday said that a section of Interstate 95 in Philadelphia burned and collapsed after a truck driver trying to navigate a curve lost control of a tanker carrying 8,500 gallons of gasoline, which fell on its side and ruptured. ✔ The resulting fire brought down one portion of the highway and damaged another so badly that it will be demolished this week, officials said, sending traffic disruptions spiraling across the region. ✔ The Pennsylvania State Police announced on Monday afternoon that a body had been found in the debris, but that authorities were still in the process of identifying the remains. ✔ Family members of Nathan Moody, a 53-year-old truck driver who lived in New Jersey and delivered fuel to gas stations in the area, said the police had contacted them, seeking dental records. ✔ Isaac Moody, a cousin, said the family had begun to fear the worst when they did not hear from him after the accident on Sunday. “When I didn’t get a call back I told everybody, ‘Look, something is wrong,’” he said. ✔ While workers cleared the rubble and officials advised patience, the morning hinted at the summer of discontent that lies ahead: Some commuter trains were delayed, highway on- and offramps were clogged, neighborhood streets around the area were sluggish and commute times were growing. ✔ “It’s a mess, man,” said Alex Tyndale, who runs a delivery company in Philadelphia. ✔ Still, some found the drive to work Monday morning to be less awful than they had feared, with only moderate delays or in some cases no delay at all. ✔ Many people may have opted to work from home on Monday. And some suggested that the response of officials — adding extra cars to commuter trains, arranging detours, offering free parking at some mass transit lots — helped. Cre: The New York Times


  • Garcia Emily
    Garcia Emily
    it's out of my imagination
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    • 10 months ago
    • Janes Brittany
      Janes Brittany
      Wow! Hopefully everyone is safe!
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      • 10 months ago
      • Kate Michael
        Kate Michael
        The president have to do something about it
        • Haha

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        • 10 months ago
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